Tidy Up for Mac 4.1.21 破解版 – Mac上专业的重复文件清理工具

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Tidy UpMac上最优秀的一款重复文件搜索和清理工具,这款软件可以让你指定搜索的目标目录,然后搜索指定类型的重复文件,如音乐、图片、应用等,还支持直接搜索iTunes、iPhoto、Aperture等,删除重复的音乐或图片!

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Tidy Up for Mac 4.1.21 介绍

硬盘的空间总是不够用。通常除了换一块就是忍痛删东西啦。推荐一款好软件——Tidy Up!,他能让你既不伤钱也不伤心的增加硬盘空间。


下面就是Tidy Up!的主界面啦











Tidy Up!使用方便高效,如果大家硬盘里文件一团乱的话,时常用它来清理一下还是非常不错的。

Tidy Up is a full-featured duplicate finder and disk-tidiness utility.

  • With Tidy Up you can search for duplicate files and packages by the owner application, content, type, creator, extension, time modified, time created, name, label, visibility, and date/age. You can also search by the tag, duration, and bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files and EXIF metadata; search the contents of the Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, iPod databases, and Mail mailboxes; and synchronize deletions with iPhoto, Mail, and iTunes.
  • Tidy Up comes with a two search modes. Basic Mode includes more than 90 pre-defined searches. For a customized strategy, you can opt for the Strategy Wizard which based on your choices creates the appropriate criteria to search for duplicates.
  • Tidy Up has a built-in security system that assures you will keep at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk, the ability to undo copied and moved items, and the ability to restore trashed items as long as the trash is not emptied, even after a restart of the computer.
  • Tidy Up offers a full-size preview of the most commonly used files such as: audio, media, text, PDF, graphics, fonts and more... One of the most interesting features of Tidy Up is the capability to separate, for quick and easy organization, found items using custom criteria via "Smart Baskets." It also includes the possibility to choose from items belonging to the supported applications, a specific album, playlist, or mailbox.
  • Tidy Up allows you to trash, move, replace the moved or trashed items with aliases or symbolic links, burn, assign colored Finder labels, and export into HTML and text files all found items. Tidy Up is fully customizable and allows you to create your preferred workspace.


Version 4.1.21:

Note: Version 4.x is a paid upgrade from version 3.x

  • Bug fixes

Tidy Up for Mac 4.1.21 破解版 - Mac上专业的重复文件清理工具

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