Swinsian Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的轻量级音乐播放器

音频播放 版本号:2.2.1

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Swinsian 是一款Mac上的轻量级音乐播放器,相比iTunes的臃肿,Swinsian提供了轻量级的音乐播放,并且具有更为强大的功能,支持MP3, M4A/AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WAV等几乎所有常见的音乐格式,还可以导入iTunes音乐库,支持导入任意目录内的音乐,还能够自动扫描重复的音乐文件!

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Swinsian 2.2.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Swinsian 是 OS X 下一款简单的音乐管理播放器,支持 FLAC、Ogg Vorbis、MP3、AAC、WAV、APE、AC3、WavPack、WMA等多种当下主流的音乐格式,同时支持iPod和iPhone,可让您按照不同的标准来浏览音频文件夹。

Swinsian is a music manager and player for OS X.


  • 支持FLAC/Ogg Vorbis以及MP3, AAC, WAV, APE, AC3,波波包,WMA,和提示文件。
  • 复制ipod和iphone的音轨。
  • 监视新文件的文件夹。
  • 获取专辑封面
  • 快速控制窗口
  • 进口iTunes库
  • 回放在AirTunes
  • 重复的发现
  • 使用regex支持进行批量标记编辑。

What's New in Swinsian

Version 2.2.2:

  • Fixes importing of iTunes style grouping field in ID3 tags
  • Fixes a crash when using the lyrics popover on Catalina

Version 2.2.0:

  • Adds support for importing the Music.app library on Catalina.
  • Fixes issues with iOS device mounting on Mojave.
  • Fixes a potential crash when using the lyrics popover.
  • Fixes a potential crash when dragging items in the art grid.
  • Fixes issues importing some ogg files.

Version 2.1.15:

  • A crash on OS X 10.7
  • Issues with full screen mode on Mojave
  • Sandboxing issues with the quick controller

Version 2.1.13:

  • A command to trigger rescanning of watched folders
  • The ability to show time and size totals for selected tracks in the status bar
  • Support for importing ALAC and AAC files with mp4 file extensions
  • Glitches between tracks when using built in AirPlay support
  • Issues displaying artwork in the inspector for some tracks
  • Crashes when trying to fetch artwork on OS X 10.6
  • An issue that would sometimes prevent Swinsian from quitting
  • Support for Growl notifications for people who have the Growl app installed
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • AirPlay support for AppleTVs
  • Artwork fetching
  • Sorting podcasts table now only sorts subscriptions not episodes
  • Stability improvements

Version 2.1.12:

  • An AirTunes issue when playing on some older Airport Express devices
  • A bug causing high CPU use when podcast episodes failed to download
  • Bugs related to browser column selection not being preserved
  • An bug which meant closing the browser didn't clear browser filters

Version 2.1.10:

  • Fixes issue that prevented Swinsian running on macOS 10.10
  • Fixes code signing issues
Swinsian Mac 破解版 Mac上优秀的轻量级音乐播放器-麦氪派

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