Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具

平面设计 版本号:2.42

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Mac平台上优秀的数字油画创建工具Paintstorm Studio推荐给大家,它支持画笔选项完全控制、自定义面板、支持PS图象处理软件PSD和ABR等功能,简单、方便、直观、专业的创建油画!!

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Paintstorm Studio 2.42 Mac 破解版 介绍




  • 所有画笔选项的完全控制(画笔设置的不可思议的可能性)
  • 任何形式和种类的鬃毛刷子。
  • 卒中后校正(你可以对任何选项采取行动)。不仅在行程厚度上)
  • 参数绑定到透视图。
  • 动态界面(全球界面规模、面板规模、透明度、颜色、表锁)
  • 自定义面板
  • 完全控制的刷头(每个笔刷都可以作为其他笔刷的掩模)
  • 将下层的颜色混合在一起。
  • 当您填写或选择时,“关闭空白”函数。
  • 任何画笔的单个热键。
  • 快速层选择
  • 平滑缩放和画笔大小。
  • 脏刷模式
  • 中风稳定器
  • 可用的颜色混合器
  • 不同梯度中风
  • 镜画
  • 标准工具包(套索、魔棒、作物、填充、渐变等)
  • 控制随机量。
  • Photoshop PSD和ABR支持。
  • 平板电脑支持

What's New in Paintstorm Studio

Version 2.42:

  • This release is dedicated to improving ergonomics and fixing bugs.
  • The ability to select the scroll mode of lists added to In Menu-> File-> Options-> Interface, (Layers, Brushes, etc.)
    • 1) Tablet Style (Scrolling by any space; Swap layer / Brushes / Textures works by holding the mouse button)
    • 2) Hybrid (Scrolling by any space except the current layer / brush / texture. Swap works by a click on the current layer / brush / texture)
    • 3) Classic (As in Photoshop: Scrolling with scrollbar only, Swap works by a click on any layer / brush / texture)
  • The «space» now switches the fast scroll mode on (works in all three modes)
  • It has become much more convenient and predictable to work with groups of panels.
  • Erasers are now not tied to the second category. Now "E" will switch to the last selected eraser marked with the corresponding icon.
  • Individual layers and brushes colors can now be set through the context menu of the corresponding panel.
  • The "Select Lasso" tool has become much faster.
  • The minimum canvas size reduced to 8x8 pixels.
  • Over 50 minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.32:

  • Kaleidoscope mode added - it is a super powerful tool for creating incredible ornaments
  • Undo/redo options added for moving the frame and the"Free transform" points. Also, the "Free transform" frame can now be moved beyond the edges and not just beyond the vertices
  • The ability to "Highlight layer" added (You can customize highlighting options in Options-> Main-> Highlights Layers on)
  • "Snap" function added. You can use it when moving layers as well as when moving the "Free transform" frame
  • The ability to align layers added. The corresponding "Align" buttons are displayed in the "Move Layers tool" panel
  • "Recent files" panel changed completely. Now you can have a look at the previews of the documents and you can also quickly go to the folder with the corresponding file.
  • "Autosaves" settings added to Options panel. Now autosaves are saved in the "FileName-date-time" format and you can choose a folder to save as well as the maximum number of files. We alse added autosaves for the "Drawing stages" in jpg.
  • Now you can drag'n'drop layers and folders into a neighboring document.
  • The previews are now displayed when you hover over documents in the top menu. Option can be disabled in Options-> Interface
  • Now you can disable Antaliasing for brushes
  • A feature added that will allow you to display a grid of pixels with a strong approximation of the canvas (Options-> openGL-> Show pixels grid)
  • Invert button added to "Gradient" panel
  • Several new hotkeys added: "Flip layer horizontally", "Flip layer vertically", "Image resize", "Canvas resize", "Switch to next document"
  • Now you can change the "Opacity" and "Blendmode" of several layers at once.
  • Now you can duplicate multiple layers at once.
  • If you click on a folder while several layers selected, they will now be grouped
  • A feature added that will allow you to change the imprint of the brush transparency to "Options"
  • "Hide menu on TAB" feature added to "Options"
  • You can now enable or disable the panel animation (Options-> Interface-> Enable panels animation)
  • The texture window is now centered at the current texture when opening, while the current folder and texture are being highlighted in blue. Same features are applied for "Custom forms"
  • Now it will not be possible to open the file that had already been opened before, you will be offered to reopen this file
  • Little bugs fixed

Version 2.31:



  • "Blend transparency" parameter now works under the GPU and for the bristle brushes.
  • Korean language added. Special thanks to Lee Jun Hyek for translation!
  • The ability to turn the mask on / off added
  • "Antialiasing" button added to the lasso tools, magic wand and bucket
  • The ability to drag brushes into another category added
  • Now most of the working panels can be moved and scaled (Gradients panel, Textures panel, Image resize, define hotkeys, etc)
  • Two new parameters added to the "Transition" brush controller
  • "Transfer to down layer" function added (also works with the selection and several layers)
  • The ability to move selection added
  • The inverting of the layer added by "ctrl + i" (Menu-> Layer-> Invert)
  • The slider now moves slowly with holded "shift" and multiple with holded "ctrl"
  • New document orientation buttons added
  • "Copy from the visible layers" function added. Use shift + ctrl + c (Menu-> Edit-> Copy Merged"
  • Now you can enter the text with the keyboard (for example when renaming a layer) in any language (except for hieroglyphic symbols)
  • Hotkeys Import / export added
Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具-麦氪派
Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具-麦氪派
Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具-麦氪派
Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具-麦氪派
Paintstorm Studio Mac 破解版 数字油画创建工具-麦氪派

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