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Coda for Mac 2.6 介绍

Coda 2 for Mac是Panic公司推出的一款适用于Mac电脑的网页编程工具,具有多语言支持(HTML、PHP、JavaScript、CSS等)、代码自动补全、文件管理、内置FTP模块等特性,并且界面美观,操作简单,是一款不可多得的网站开发利器。

Coda 2 增加了诸多新的特性和功能,包括全新的用户界面,新增了可实现快速导航的滚动标签栏,整合了 CSS,内置 MySQL 编辑器,新增了代码折叠的功能,用户可以隐藏不需要的代码,新增对 Git 的支持。

新版本的Coda 2进行了新的用户界面设计,并且添加了很多新的功能。顶部的普通工具栏变为带有预览图的项目导航器;编辑器边上新增了导航条,用于选择项目中不同层级的文件和目录;右侧是一套全新的工具面板,可以轻松组织常用功能例如代码快捷键;代码折叠功能隐藏用户不需要的代码。与此同时,新增了用户函数和变量补全、智能缩进、代码折叠等编辑器特性、Git版本管理支持以及内置的MySQL编辑器、兼容FTP、支持iCloud服务等。

Panic公司还会将这款应用移植到iPad上,并命名为Diet Coda,其功能基本和Coda 2相仿,包括基本的代码编辑、FTP功能等,另外还内置了一个SSH客户端,支持New iPad视网膜屏幕,最重要的是,具有Panic公司称之为AirPreview的功能。

  • 兼容OS X 10.10,老用户可以免费迁移。
  • 缩短自动完成弹出延时。
  • 改进的索引性能的10.7和10.8。
  • 固定的发布列表清除竟然一个问题。
  • 改进Unicode支持终端。
  • 新的调色板的颜色主题。
  • 修正了一个错误,可能会导致供应链管理凭据被遗忘。
  • 固定处理TS文件。

Better User Interface

  • Visual Tabs. Find files quickly, and see more tabs at once.
  • Customizable Sidebar. Put your favorite, powerful Coda tools in the sidebar dock.
  • Streamlined Workflow. You'll always know what you're looking at.
  • Code Focus. Hide the sidebar, or go full-screen, and get work done.

Better Text Editing

  • Code Folding. Finally.
  • Smart Complete. Autocomplete your custom variables + functions.
  • Automatic Indentation
  • Smarter Automatic Closing Tags
  • Tab Key Text-Shifting
  • One-Press Character Wrapping

Better File Management

  • Git. In addition to SVN, now you can manage source with GIT.
  • Complete File Management. FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3, with a Transmit interface.
  • Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine. Some of the fastest file transfer in the industry.
  • Path Bar Browsing. Click a path bar segment for an instant file list.
  • Open Quickly. Pop it open, type a few characters, and find what you're looking for.
  • Group Folders Above Files. A very popular request.

Better Clips

  • Multiple Placeholders. Quickly tab between the bits that need input.
  • Dynamic Placeholders. Automatically fill in dates, URL's, text selections, and more.
  • Insertion Points. Put the cursor at the right place, every time.
  • Import/Export.

Better Sites

  • Groups. Drag related sites into a site board.
  • List View. See even more sites at a glance.
  •  iCloud Sites + Clips Sync from Mac to Mac.

Better Design

  • Revolutionary CSS Pops. GUI pop-ups help with the hardest CSS as you code.
  • Live Changes. See your CSS changes affect your page real-time.
  • iPad / iPhone Preview. Shrink down your preview to just the right size.

Better MySQL

  • Built-In MySQL Editor. Without leaving Coda, administer your site's database with ease.
  • Edit Structure or Content
  • Run Arbitrary Queries

Better Everything

  • Improved Live Hints. As you type HTML, JS, or PHP, quick reference can appear in the sidebar.
  • CSS Styles in Code Navigator
  • Code Navigator Filtering and Sorting
  • All-New Books
  • Places
  • Better Ruby Support
  • Skip Files Rules
  • Improved HTML and CSS Validation
  • Easier Theme Editing
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Labels
  • Quick Look
  • Plugin API Improvements
  • Much, Much More

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