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OmniFocus 是一款IOS 和Mac平台上最强大的书籍与事务管理方法“Getting Things Done”工具,你可以有条理有逻辑的安排好你的工作和生活。主要协助您捕捉并管理各项事务与点子,发挥生产力;您可以用它来储存、管理及处理各项动作或任务,而任务或各项目可被指派到相关的专案中,同时OmniFocus也提供了视觉提示来提醒您下一步该执行的动作。

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OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 介绍

OmniFocus的开发概念是来自David Allen的书籍与事务管理方法“Getting Things Done”,主要协助您捕捉并管理各项事务与点子,发挥生产力;您可以用它来储存、管理及处理各项动作或任务,而任务或各项目可被指派到相关的专案中,同时OmniFocus也提供了视觉提示来提醒您下一步该执行的动作。




Version 2.8.1:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • Global Search - You can now change the search scope from "Here" to "Remaining" or "Everything" by clicking the icon in the search field.
  • View Options - The View Options "eye" icon now displays differently when options have been set that are not the default. In addition, the current Perspective’s tab title is italicized to indicate that clicking the tab will restore the default view.
  • Attachments Window - Added an Export button that copies the selected attachments to the directory of your choice.
  • Scroll Position - The change in v2.7 to keep the selected item visible when changing a date proved unpopular in Forecast, so we have reverted it for that perspective. If you’d like to change the global default back to the pre-2.7 behavior, you can use this link: omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentOutlinePreservesVisibleSelection=false.
  • Custom Perspectives - Name, Icon, and Open in New Window now pass-through and are set on the underlying perspective immediately, rather than being only transient changes, when editing from the View Options popover.
  • Documentation - Updated the Help for new features.
  • Encryption - We now require you to enter your sync password before migrating to the encrypted file format. This should reduce the number of customers who wind up with database encrypted using a key they don’t remember.
  • Replace Server Database - We now allow you to skip taking a backup of the server database before replacing it in the case of a cancelled encryption passphrase prompt.
  • Replace Server Database - We now allow you to skip taking a backup of the server database before replacing it in the case of an error.
  • Sierra Tabs - We’ve updated and fixed various behaviors related to tabbed windows in macOS Sierra.
  • Localizations - Updated!
  • Action Groups - Fixed a problem where group parents couldn’t be completed if a sync completed their children.
  • Add New Action - This command now works when the outline is set to Show Folders.
  • Attachment Performance - Improved performance when rebuilding attachment-heavy databases and when opening the attachments window.
  • Attachments - Fixed a problem where undo-ing adding an attachment could put OmniFocus into an unusable state.
  • Backups - Fixed a problem where OmniFocus would create an extra new backup when restoring a previous backup.
  • Crash - Fixed a crash customizing the toolbar after editing a Perspective name.
  • Custom Perspective Icons - Fixed a problem where a custom icon couldn’t be chosen because the picker abruptly disappeared.
  • Drawing Glitch - Fixed a problem drawing selection highlights on action titles when restoring perspective state.
  • Empty Views - Fixed a problem where the placeholder "No Items" strings didn’t wrap to fit narrow windows.
  • Encryption - Fixed a problem where OmniFocus couldn’t sync to a database with a distinct encryption passphrase when running on macOS 10.12.2 beta.
  • Force Click - Fixed a crash when force-clicking.
  • Perspective Import - Fixed a problem Undo-ing a Perspective import.
  • Perspectives Crash - Fixed a crash opening a new window or tab with certain perspectives selected.
  • Quit - Fixed a problem where where an in-progress sync would prevent OmniFocus from quitting even once it finished.
  • Search Scope - Improved our logic for showing the search scope popover so that it appears (only) when expected.
  • Search - Expansion state is now properly reset for each new search session.
  • Sync Errors - We now detect when OmniFocus has ended up with encrypted data locally (which is not normal), and prompt you to replace your local data with what’s on the server. Previously, this situation would result in an unrecoverable error. We’re still working on finding the root cause.
  • Sync - Fixed a long-standing bug where your database wouldn’t (ever) be compacted if compaction cleanup was interrupted.
  • Undo - Fixed a number of problems with Undo interacting with Search and View Options changes. We also clear the Undo stack when a sync compaction takes place in order to avoid a bad state and possible crash.
  • Crash - Fixed a possible crash when quitting.
  • Smaller Fixes and Improvements - Including more crash fixes.
OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 注册版 – 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派
OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 注册版 – 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派
OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 注册版 – 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派
OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 注册版 – 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派
OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac 2.8.1 注册版 – 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派

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