Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 – 强大易用的照片编辑工具

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Luminar 2018 是一款Mac上强大易用的照片编辑工具,软件支持中文界面,具有强大和易用的特点,界面很简洁,支持Raw等图片格式,支持照片滤镜处理,层编辑等专业功能都有,很不错的一款图片编辑工具!

[Luminar 2018在Mac App Store上售价人民币388元]

Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 介绍

Meet the most innovative professional photo editor built by photographers for photographers. Luminar brings everything you need to make perfect photos in less time!

We designed Luminar to be the best photo software for modern photographers. This may sound like a bold claim, but we listen to photographers and hear their requests & needs every day. Over 40 professional photographers helped us create this version of Luminar.

Luminar is the first real Adobe Lightroom alternative that you can enjoy today without burdening subscriptions and limited features.

Right of the bat, get amazing images with the improved Raw engine. Remove flaws with Lens Correction & Transform tools. Stylize and enhance with new intelligent filters, including the unique Sun Rays filter. You can even bring your Adobe Photoshop plugins into Luminar. And much more.


  • Over 40 non-destructive filters
  • Over 50 professional presets + custom presets
  • Support of Adobe Photoshop plugins
  • Flawless RAW support
  • Layers with blending modes
  • Masking
  • Lens correction and Transform
  • Object removal
  • Dodge & Burn
  • HSL & Curves
  • One-click presets
  • Pro color grading with Lookup Tables
  • History panel
  • Custom Textures
  • Dedicated workspaces for all kinds of photos
  • Fully non-destructive image editing
  • And much more...


  • Get started in less than a minute
  • Adjust User Interface to your liking
  • Quickly access the necessary tools with workspaces
  • Get instant results with dozens of presets
  • And much more...


  • Accent Filter - enhance photos with Artificial Intelligence
  • Sun Rays - add realistic sunlight & rays
  • Matte, Grain, Cross process - emulate film styles & vintage looks
  • Orton Effect - beautiful portraits with a twist
  • Black & White panel - professional monochrome photo editing
  • Polarizing Filter - dramatically enhance skies
  • Golden Hour for the perfect light any time of the day
  • And much more...

Enjoy Luminar and make your photos beautiful faster.

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Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 - 强大易用的照片编辑工具

Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 - 强大易用的照片编辑工具

Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 - 强大易用的照片编辑工具

Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 - 强大易用的照片编辑工具

Luminar 2018 for Mac 1.0 破解版 - 强大易用的照片编辑工具

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