Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具


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Acorn for mac 是Mac OS平台上一款比较不错的图像处理软件。如果你不想使用和安装 Mac 上巨大的 Photoshop,Acorn 是不错的替代品。Acorn 用起来都很像神器 Photoshop,是的,它的设计目标就是成为 Photoshop 的轻量替代者,拥有所有 PhotoShop 的基础工具和滤镜效果,支持图层。

[Acorn 5 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币198元]

Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 介绍

Acorn is a new image editor built with one goal in mind - simplicity. Fast, easy, and fluid, Acorn provides the options you'll need without any overhead. Acorn feels right, and won't drain your bank account.

  • Take screenshots using Acorn and edit them right away.
  • Chain together image filters to create stunning effects.
  • Layer based image editing, an industry standard.
  • Make new images and layers using your built-in iSight.
  • Easy image and canvas resizing, just by changing the size of your window.
  • Take advantage of every pixel of your monitor with full screen image editing.
  • Tablet sensitive for pressure strokes and using the tablet's eraser.
  • Vector shape and text layers.
  • Freeform, elliptical, rectangular, and magic wand selections.
  • Gradients.
  • Create and apply custom text styles.
  • Control opacity and blending modes for each layer.
  • Write plugins using the Python scripting language, as well as in Objective-C.
  • GPU powered. The same graphics card that makes your gaming experience smooth, helps Acorn fly through the toughest of graphics operations.


# Changed Stuff

  • Increased the grid filter distance parameter from 100px to 500px;

# Fixed Stuff

  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 crashes- we found a workaround for the less than perfect graphic drivers which were introduced in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Acorn does a better job at importing PSD files with unicode layer names.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a document wouldn't copy over guides.
  • Fixed a problem where Acorn would kick you out of editing circle text when you changed the radius.
  • Fixed a potential crasher when using the smudge tool on 64 bit images.
  • Fixed a bug where the stroke color for text could be lost.
  • Fixed a problem where selections weren't showing up correctly in 10.11.4.

If you like Acorn, we'd love it if you could take a moment and give it a nice review. It helps Acorn get noticed, which helps everyone in the long run.

Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Acorn 5 for Mac 5.3.1 序号版 – 优秀的图片编辑工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)

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