Glyphs 2 for Mac 2.5.2 破解版 – 最强大的字体设计编辑工具


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Glyphs 2 是一款Mac上强大的字体设计和编辑工具,Glyphs其最大的特点是简单易用,容易上手,可以让我们修改系统现有的字体,也可以创建新的字体,需要字体编辑工具的Mac用户一定要试试这款工具,非常强大!

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Glyphs 2 for Mac 2.5.2 介绍

Glyphs 智能和简单的方法帮助您绘制新字体,修改现有字体,并雕刻您的信纸免费麻烦。

New or Improved
  • 改进缺失图像的处理
  • 末端节点图的轻微调整
  • 在标记/GDEF中只包括“非间距”和“间距组合”标记
  • 在新选项卡中滚动到活动字形
  • 字形细节对话框不会直接改变值,只要按下OK
  • 更新器的问题
  • 具有折叠行的开窗窗中去角对的去除
  • 标点符号与多个其他脚本的纠错
  • 以生产名称出口不明飞行物
  • TTF出口的版本字符串
  • 一些撤销问题
  • 编辑字形名称时字形信息框中的文本颜色
  • 图层面板颜色层的选择
  • 数学/希腊字母的导入
  • 背景层测量工具
  • CCMP特征误差

What's New

Version 2.5.1:

  • Allow Re-interpolate on all selected layers.
  • Global guides now also show in Brace and Bracket layers.
  • Keep names and Unicode values for Private Use Area glyphs.
  • Prevent corners from being dragged.
  • Improved copying glyphs from one font to another.
  • Improved undo with components.
  • Fixed application of Transformation filter on text selection containing a control character (e.g., newline).
  • Fixed display of View > Show Master Compatibility.
  • Fixed undo after Filter > Fix Compatibility.
Variable Fonts::
  • Added mkmk GPOS variation.
  • Improved variation of anchors from components.
  • Fixed mark positioning with with anchors from nested components.
  • Fixed .designspace import.
Import & Export::
  • Fixed issues with nested components in component checker on opening older files.
  • Run import validation on all imported files, including UFO and TTF.
  • Added option to show layers affected by the Component Move warning.
  • Better handle production names if Use Custom Naming is set.
  • Fixed duplicate production name when glyph is duplicated in Edit view.
  • Longer glyph names are possible now.
  • Read/write displayStrings to UFO.
  • Fixed reading of files with Windows line endings.
  • Fixed an issue with local GlyphData.
  • Fixed scaling on export.
  • Improved and accelerated TTF export.
  • Fixed rare issue with TrueType instructions on intersection points.
  • Fixed ttfAutohint settings (use --stem-width-mode).
  • Fixed bug in ttfAutohint option parsing.
Localizations and Language Support:
  • Improved Bulgarian Cyrillic sidebar entries (thx Krista and Botio).
  • Updated Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and French localizations.
  • Remove non-ASCII localization for default font name.
  • Add Update button to the vanilla warning dialog.
  • Add Variable Font and UFO support to the Python export function font.export(Format=VARIABLE/UFO) and instance.generate(Format=UFO).
  • Fixed plugins that use Robofab and FontTools.
  • Fixed problem with, which should fix the recent Drawbot problems.
  • Now macro output is always visible in Window > Macro Panel.
General Improvements::
  • Use unique file names for generated image files (after pasting an image into a glyph).
  • Improved sorting by Unicode in Window > Glyph Info.
  • Improved the handling of trial and EULA dialogs.
  • Improved storage of document settings in .glyphs file.
  • Improved appearance in fullscreen mode.
  • Better error reporting.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • Small fixes and improvements.
Glyphs 2 for Mac 2.5.2 破解版 – 最强大的字体设计编辑工具-麦氪派

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