CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 – 挂载Web服务到本地磁盘系统

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CloudMounter – 是一个集中式的服务,让您安装云存储作为本地磁盘和文件在线以及与本地的合作。

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CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 介绍

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CloudMounter is a centralized service that allows mounting cloud storages as local drives and work with online files the same way as with local ones.

Supported cloud services:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon S3
  • FTP
  • FTPS
  • SFTP
  • WebDAV

With this handy system utility you can extend your Mac disk space to unlimited, the only condition is an active Internet connection. Ready to find out how it works? It is really easy!

Unlike native clients, CloudMounter does not sync local information with your online accounts, it really mounts remote servers on your Mac, like removable disks. You can copy, move, open, download and upload files to your cloud servers, just as you would be doing it with your local folders. You can even move files between cloud accounts, without having to manually copy them to your local computer. Keep in mind that a temporary copy of the file is still saved to a computer only to be removed after the transfer is completed.

CloudMounter is a safe and secure utility. All connections are performed through the native API of cloud services, which means that all your login credentials are not used by the app for anything else except for logging in appropriate accounts and of course are not shared with any third parties. All passwords for FTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 accounts are securely kept in Mac OS X Keychain.

CloudMounter is your must-have tool if you use several cloud accounts or if your Mac SSD drive has an extremely low capacity. Try it now and enjoy the benefits of an all-in-one cloud solution.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at We are here to help. Your feedback is welcome and will be taken into account when working on new versions.


  • Improved: downloading files from Google Drive, WebDAV and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Fixed: saving updated files to Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift, FTP and SFTP servers.
  • Fixed: encryption hanging on certain Microsoft OneDrive files.

CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 挂载Web服务器的本地磁盘系统实用程序

CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 挂载Web服务器的本地磁盘系统实用程序

CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 挂载Web服务器的本地磁盘系统实用程序

CloudMounter for Mac 2.0.1 破解版 - 挂载Web服务器的本地磁盘系统实用程序

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