Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 破解版 – Mac上强大的数据恢复工具

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Disk Drill是Mac上的数据恢复软件,使用Disk Drill可以帮助我们恢复误删除的任何数据,比如照片、视频、文档等等,支持FAT/NTFS/HFS+等磁盘分区,本地硬盘和移动硬盘,还可以恢复iPhone和iPad上的数据!

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Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 介绍

DiskDrill磁盘钻是Mac数据恢复的软件,专为Mac OS防止在Mac磁盘意外删除的文件恢复跳马和恢复丢失的数据。磁盘演习还可以监视您磁盘的硬件状态,并获得潜在的故障或其他问题。

The new Disk Drill 3 is official! And there’s soooo much new and enhanced in it. We’ve taken our best ideas blended with your most desired improvements, spiced with a bunch of new technologies, and here is the best Disk Drill we’ve ever developed.

In version 3, Disk Drill learns a ton of new tricks, new UI, new file signatures, new data recovery algorithms, new languages, speed improvements and more! We are thrilled to present Disk Drill 3 to all our new and existing users today. It has been a long way, and we thank everyone supporting us with purchasing premium editions of our software, testing the bugs out of numerous betas and just sharing your experience on social media.

All the new tricks:

  • iOS data recovery for iPhone and iPad
  • Bootable disk creation for data recovery
  • ExFAT, EXT4 support
  • Android data recovery (rooted or USB mass storage mode only)
  • Tolerant reading of GPT partitions improves lost partitions recovery
  • New file signatures for Deep Scan: .epb (EP Budgeting files), .rt (Rich Text document), .mlv (Magic Lantern Video Wrapper File for DSLRs), .ipt (AutoDesk Inventor CAD), .aaf (Advanced Authoring Format multimedia file), .tib (Acronis True Image), .enex (Evernote XML notes)
  • Better handling of orphan & lost files in HFS+ Catalog Rebuild
  • HFS+ Extraction added to the family of other HFS+ Healing Algorithms – now locating lost HFS partitions more reliably
  • Support of macOS 10.12 Sierra

And even more:

  • Duplicate finder module helps free up extra disk space
  • Faster byte-to-byte disk backups
  • Create byte-to-byte disk images of Android devices
  • Improved mounting of scanning results as disk

And some minor improvements and fixes:

  • Preview recoverable items more conveniently, as icons with thumbnails for all previewable file formats
  • Improved standard preview of found files in QuickLook
  • Sorting in recovery results screen, makes finding potential recovery issues in the list much easier Totally new UI
  • Review found items as a flat list, without grouping and folders
  • New disk grouping by type to better visualize Fusion drives and virtual partitions (logical, physical, hard drives, devices)
  • Fuse for OS X is no longer a pre-requisite for DMG and scanning results’ mounting capabilities
  • Simplified data protection directly from the disk list
  • Interactive bad sector management
  • Refreshed more intuitive app preferences
  • Native disk icons in disk list
  • Responsive UI improves displaying localized controls
  • Improved disk image attaching and detaching
  • Now Disk Drill also speaks Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Malaysian, Taiwanese
  • Improved reconstruction of .sib (Sibelius music composing software)
  • Endless fixes and improvements on Mac OS X 10.11.x

Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 破解版 - Mac上强大的数据恢复工具

Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 破解版 - Mac上强大的数据恢复工具

Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 破解版 - Mac上强大的数据恢复工具

Disk Drill PRO for Mac 3.3.845 破解版 - Mac上强大的数据恢复工具

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