Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 – Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

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Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 介绍

Bookends Mac版可以轻松地将其导入参考 ,并直接搜索和进口从数以百计的线上资料来源。Bookends Mac版使用内置在浏览器中下载参考与PDF格式的文件,或和/或网页的点击。自动搜索pubmed让你发现的文章,尽快,因为他们出版。


  • Bookends是一款功能齐全使用方便的参考书目与文献管理工具,可轻松地从浏览器在线导入数百个附注,参考和信息管理系统。
  • 软件可使用内置在浏览器中的插件下载或通过网页点击参考各类PDF格式的文件,自动搜索pubmed发现所需的资料。强大搜查可以进一步细化键入的关键词。
  • 同时支持添加任何文件(如为PDF 格式的)参考和查看或立即打开。还有自动重命名选项。
  • 另外还可直接从page、MS Word(包括Word 2011)、rtf文件和mellel 扫描文字,文件和自动生成完成的手稿与格式正确的书目,进行文字处理。


Version 13.0.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor

Note: Version 13 is a paid upgrade from previous versions. Bookends 13 is free if you purchased Bookends 12 on or after August 15, 2017 (release of version 12.8.3). Upgrades, which include 2 more years of free updates, are $39.99. You are eligible for upgrade pricing if you bought or upgraded to Bookends 11 or 12 from us or the Mac App Store. Bookends 10 and earlier are not eligible for free upgrades. Purchase of an upgrade registration code is performed within the Bookends application itself. Launch Bookends 13 and you will be guided through the process.

  • Bookends is a 64-bit application
  • Bookends requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later
  • The longstanding problem of improper rendering of large PDFs has been resolved
  • Updated database engine
  • Import references and PDFs with annotations from Papers 3
  • PDF quick links
  • Double-clicking on a reference opens the lower PDF display pane and, if the reference has a PDF, creates a quick link
  • Bookends remembers PDF scroll positions
  • Toggle continuous PDF highlighting
  • Fresh PDF annotations are saved before opening the PDF in another application
  • PDF underline annotations can be selected with a click and removed with the Delete key
  • Work with PDFs in full screen mode
  • Double-click on the PDF proxy icon in the PDF viewer to open it in your default PDF reader
  • Bookends will use the starting page entered for the reference to calculate the correct page for a notecard
  • Get PDF from Internet is improved
  • Automated downloading of PDFs works with BioMed Central (BMC)-series, Sage, and Elsevier ScienceDirect journals
  • Improved format catalogs
  • Much improved automated PubMed search
  • New AppleEvent for creating a new group and (optionally) populating it with references
  • New AppleEvent for getting the name and paths of attachments
  • Ad hoc suppression of number styles in citations
  • You can scan Pages documents stored in iCloud
  • ASCII-only characters in attachment names generated by Bookends
  • Add tags to metatags while viewing the tag cloud
  • When scanning, Bookends will recognize BibTeX citations in the form footcite{key}
  • Improved removal of accents and non-ASCII characters from BibTeX keys Bookends generates
  • Smarter Global Change -> Change Field
  • Faster transfer of PDFs from Bookends for iOS to Bookends for macOS via wi-fi
  • Automatically attach PDFs to matching references when attaching more than one PDF
  • Improved Links Inspector
  • You can set a reference's color label and attachment names via the SFLD AppleEvent
  • Output of references as unstyled text via an AppleScript (the GUID AppleEvent) is faster
  • When autofilling from CrossRef, the full journal title will be imported if available
  • Importing from the watch folder will autofill metadata if a JSTOR stable URL is found in the PDF
  • Double clicking on a reference in the library window will open the edit pane or the standalone reference editing window
  • Use Live Search to search by Unique ID
  • More informative window titles for standalone reference editing windows
  • Bookends sets the default import option to PubMed when you import a .nbib file
  • Selected rows in lists are more readable when the list does not have the focus
  • Help -> Read Me had been changed to Help -> Release Notes
  • The Society Bib Lit glossary has been updated to the SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed (2014)
  • Bug fixes

Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 - Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 - Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 - Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 - Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

Bookends for Mac 13.0.0 序号版 - Mac上优秀的文献书籍管理工具

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