Chocolat for Mac 3.1.7 破解版 – 强大优秀的代码编辑利器


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应网友要求更新。Chocolat 是一款Mac上的代码编辑工具,类似于知名的Sublime, Chocolat的主要功能是其强大的代码开发功能,比如代码高亮、代码自动完成、代码折叠、错误检查、双栏窗口等等功能,可用于 Html、Css、Java、C++、PHP 等语言的开发!

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Chocolat for Mac 3.1.7 介绍

What's new?

New: Yosemite support.

Chocolat 3 is fixed to work on OS X Yosemite.

Fixed that nasty crash on launch. Fixed many elements of the UI to look ok with Yosemite's new design. Disabled annoying animations like clicking a text field (why Jony, why?).

Faster sans GC.

Garbage Collection is no more. I rewrote the whole of Chocolat to use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) instead.

This was important because Apple recently removed GC from Xcode 5.1, so it is soon likely to be gone from OS X too and we must be ready.

While the primary aim of this was to future-proof Chocolat so that it works many years into the future, it had the happy side-effect of making everything faster.

Git Gutter. Shows the changes you make, relative to the last Git commit.

Green: added. Orange: modified. Red: deleted.

Process-Separated API.

Mixins (plugins) now each run in a separate process. Even if a mixin crashes, it's now much harder for it to bring the whole of Chocolat down with it.

Because of this change, we were able to update the API to use the latest stable node: 0.10.x. That means mixins get experimental ES6 support and a whole load of other nice things.

CSS live preview.

Web preview updates CSS as-you-type. Even if it's in a separate file. There's no need to save to see changes.

Wrap guideline. Padding at the bottom of the editor.

You can set either with View › Margin Preferences.

Chocolat for Mac 3.1.7 破解版 – 强大优秀的代码编辑利器-麦氪派

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