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Annotation Edit是专业字幕字幕和注释的唯一编辑器。注释编辑旨在为生产厂房和电子学习环境提供一个平滑的字幕工作流程为Apple DVD Studio Pro / Final Cut Pro,QuickTime WebTV和广播。注释编辑可以导入和导出DVD Studio Pro / Spruce STL,STL EBU二进制(所有拉丁字符),Final Cut Pro XML - 包括斜体样式,对齐和位置 - SCC隐藏字幕(第21行) - 包括斜体样式和位置。导入DVD Studio Pro字幕轨道项目描述XML - 一次所有语言,包括斜体。

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Annotation Edit for Mac 介绍

Annotation Edit is a unique editor for professional subtitles, captions, and annotations. Annotation Edit is designed to give production houses and eLearning environments a smooth subtitle workflow for Apple DVD Studio Pro / Final Cut Pro, QuickTime WebTV and broadcast. Annotation Edit can import and export DVD Studio Pro/Spruce STL, STL EBU binary (all latin characters), Final Cut Pro XML - including italic style, alignment, and position - SCC closed caption (line 21) - including italic style, and position. Import of DVD Studio Pro subtitle track item description XML - all languages at once, including italic.

There are numerous other unique features, such as automatic audio spotting, easy handling of Windows text files, unlimited tracks, server integration, MS Excel XML import, QuickTime 7 unicode text export, and lots more.



    • Less rigid SCC export. Added default to wrap lines to 32 characters

Added optional in-row partial italics row length warning.

    • Revised import of SCC with italics
    • W3C Timed Text export
      • Added Red Bull Media Timed Text
      • Added not quite standard Adobe Premiere CC TTML open captions export (italics, vertical position, color, background color, left justified only due to Adobe Premiere constraints)
      • Use it if you need partial italics in a row; Adobe Premiere Pro CC .SRT import does not not support partial italics in a row
      • Revised SMPTE-TT 708 export
      • Some minor polishes
      • Only SMPTE-TT 608 closed captions work reliably in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
      • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018 SMPTE-TT 708 (and also CEA 708 .mcc) file import is broken
    • Revised .MCC import
    • Please note: Premiere Pro CC 2018 fixed FCP .xml unicode support

FCP Outline Text .xml in Premiere Pro CC 2017/2018.0 supports only center justification reliably.

  • Added new demo of zeitAnker Teletext
  • Polishes
Annotation Edit for Mac 破解版 – 视频字幕注释标题编辑-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)

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