MacBooster 3 for Mac 3.0.7 序号版 – 系统安全扫描和垃圾清理工具


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应网友要求更新。 MacBooster 是一款Mac上优秀的系统安全扫描和垃圾清理工具,MacBooster 除了具有类似 CleanMyMac 的垃圾清理和软件卸载功能外,还支持系统安全扫描、内存清理、重复文件查找等功能,其一键扫描功能也很实用!

[MacBooster 3 在官网上售价59.95美元,约合人民币360元]

MacBooster 3 for Mac 3.0.7 介绍

MacBooster provides a full arsenal of system-maintenance tools to make your Mac run faster.

  • System Status: Explore the status of your Mac by running a full scan.
  • Security Center: Quickly and deeply analyze the security status of your Mac. Safely remove the threats to make your Mac stay safe.
  • System Cleanup: Scan every corner of your system, find out junk files to keep your hard disk from being wasted.
  • Performance Boost: Speed up your Mac to make it run like new.
  • Clean Memory: Clean to regain more available RAM and make application start faster.
  • Startup Optimization: Manage your startup items to optimize the OS X boot speed.
  • Uninstaller: Help get rid of unwanted apps or leftover files.
  • Duplicates Finder: Locate and remove the duplicated files on your Mac quickly.
  • Large Files Cleaner: Find and remove the large files you no longer need to free up more space.
  • File Eraser: Securely delete unwanted files without having them being recoverable.
  • Photo Sweeper: Effectively and quickly find similar or duplicated photos. Keep the most beautiful ones.


Version 3.0.7:

  • Improved the scanning speed and accuracy of system cleanup module
  • Optimized the uninstall feature
MacBooster 3 for Mac 3.0.7 序号版 – 系统安全扫描和垃圾清理工具-麦氪派
MacBooster 3 for Mac 3.0.7 序号版 – 系统安全扫描和垃圾清理工具-麦氪派
MacBooster 3 for Mac 3.0.7 序号版 – 系统安全扫描和垃圾清理工具-麦氪派

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