Workspaces 是一款Mac上优秀的工作空间快速切换工具,可以帮助您在Mac电脑上更加高效地组织工作,快速地创建和共享演示文稿、文本文档等,它会记住所有您喜爱的项目资源(文件,应用程序,重要的电子邮件,文件夹,网站地址),并允许立即打开它们,同时它还可以支持云保存,所以下一次,只需点击一个按钮即可开始工作,很好用!


Workspaces for Mac 1.3 介绍

Workspaces is a smart app that helps you to organise your work. It remembers all your favourite project resources (files, apps, important e-mails, folders, website addresses) and allows to open them instantly. You can choose which resources are open automatically, so next time, just click one button and you’re ready to work. You can switch between projects without distraction. It increases your productivity and removes yet another reason for procrastinating. We believe it’s an app everyone will love. Workspaces is currently in beta stage, however you can buy the app before it's released.


Version 1.3:

  • Application remembers resources even if they location on disk will change
  • User interface improvements
  • Every workspaces and resource has now its unique path which can launch it
  • Fixed umlauts handling in links
  • Editor columns can change their size