WebSnapperPro 是一款macOS平台的网页快速捕捉工具,它能够快速的将电脑网页转换为尺寸合理的PDF文档及JPEG等6种格式图片。WebSnapperPro for Mac 激活版捕捉网页的方式也是十分简单,只需要将网址链接拖入软件绿色区域即会进入加载状态,需要的朋友快来下载吧!

[WebSnapperPro 在官网售价20美元,约合人民币120元]

WebSnapperPro for Mac 1.2.7 介绍

Capture full web pages from your browser with a single mouse click without the need to "stitch" or cut and paste. Save the page as an image file or a Vector based PDF. You can print the page, send it as an email attachment, send it to Evernote, or export it to your DropBox account, right from the WebSnapperPro interface.

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