Vill Q 是一款Mac上实用的屏幕绘图工具,可以让我们方便的在屏幕上直接进行绘制和书写,方便讲解和备忘,支持箭头、文字、形状、图形等,很不错!

[Vill Q 在官网上售价12美元,约合人民币72元]

Vill Q for Mac 1.2.4 介绍

With Vill Q, you can easily draw text, geometric shapes, and images on your screen.

  • Easy-to-use and nice user-interface
  • Provide useful and good-looking drawing tools
  • With undo and redo while drawing
  • 4 colors to choose at the same time
  • Some useful commands to help you manage your demonstration process
  • All features in one top most floating window
  • Some easy-to-remember shortcuts
  • Multi-display support
Vill Q for Mac 1.2.4 破解版 – 实用的屏幕绘图工具-爱情守望者

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