Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 破解版 – Mac优秀的栅格图案和半调图绘制工具


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[Vectoraster 在官网上售价39美元,约合人民币240元]

Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 介绍

Vectoraster is a graphics utility for creating vector-based raster patterns and halftones based on bitmap images. The raster patterns and point shapes can be freely configured to produce different styles. The resulting rasters can then either be exported as vectors to EPS or PDF files, as images to JPEG, PNG, or TIFF, or simply copied into most graphics software. With the batch processing tool you can also easily apply rasters to frames in a movie to use the effects in animation. Basic halftones demo video:

You can download and try Vectoraster for free, but with some limitations. To remove these limitations and get the full version you have to pay for the application.

  • Many different point shape types, from circles to polygons or custom shapes from imported EPS-files.
  • Use characters as point shapes from any installed font, using a specified text to select the characters.
  • Outline mode, where points are outlined, and you have to option to vary the point outline with point weight.
  • Set raster point color or use color from the primary or secondary source image.
  • Vary different parameters such as size, point aspect or shape contraction with the point weight to get different effects.Patterns
  • Six configurable raster pattern types, including alternating grid, radial and varied density distribution.
  • Four raster distortion modes to twist, bulge, wave or split the raster pattern.
  • Easily rotate and offset the raster pattern.Output
  • Copy raster curves straight into most other vector graphics software.
  • Vector export to EPS and PDF.
  • Bitmap image export to JPEG, PNG and TIFF.
  • Batch processing to apply rasters directly to all images in a directory or to frames in a quicktime movie file.

Upgrade price is $12.

Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 破解版 – Mac优秀的栅格图案和半调图绘制工具-麦氪派
Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 破解版 – Mac优秀的栅格图案和半调图绘制工具-麦氪派Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 破解版 – Mac优秀的栅格图案和半调图绘制工具-麦氪派
Vectoraster for Mac 7.0 破解版 – Mac优秀的栅格图案和半调图绘制工具-麦氪派

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