Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 激活版 – 强大高级专业的数据保护软件


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Vault 101将帮助你保持你的数据,通过强大的AES-256加密,256位高级加密标准的保护。它是关键数据通过互联网(电子邮件,云,信使等)转移的最佳方法。即使你的库胶囊落入坏人之手仍然完全无法访问,由于其强大的基于密码的AES-256加密。这是最好的解决办法,如果你想保持同步但保护的云或FTP服务器上的关键数据。

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Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 介绍

Vault 101 will help you keep your data protected via strong AES-256 encryption.

AES-256 is 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard.


  • Password protect files and folders in 3 easy steps: Choose source folder, set capsule name and password and click "Create".


  • It's even easier to access your encrypted data.
  • Since your capsule is encrypted, it's not possible for others to read it without your password.
  • To view a capsule, just double click on it, enter your password, click the "Open" button.
  • Your data is now accessible and you can easily open, edit, add or remove files and folders.
  • When you finish editing your capsule content you can easily update and encrypt it again from the menubar.
  • Once updated you can upload it on the cloud with a single click.


  • You can optionally automatically upload your capsule on our server and send a download link via email to one recipient.
  • Uploaded capsules are available for 48 hours. After that they are automatically deleted.
  • Our server acts as a bridge between you and your recipient.
  • You can also setup your own FTP server and configure Vault 101 to work with it instead.
  • 48h limitations will not apply on your own FTP server.
  • Vault 101 is the best way to transfer critical data over the internet (email, cloud, messenger, etc.).
  • Even if your Vault Capsule falls into wrong hands it remains completely inaccessible due to it's strong password based AES-256 encryption.It's the best solution if you want to keep your critical data synced yet protected on cloud or FTP servers.


  • protect files and folders with password via strong AES-256 encryption
  • read-write support for the encrypted capsules
  • easy management when capsule is opened (browse, update, upload)
  • automatically upload your capsule on our server & get a download link after creation (optional)*
  • automatically send an email with a download link to one recipient after upload (optional)
  • manage uploaded capsules: list, delete, view details, download, get download link
  • personal FTP server support

*uploaded capsules are available for 48 hours after upload on the official Vault 101 server

Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 激活版 – 强大高级专业的数据保护软件-麦氪派
Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 激活版 – 强大高级专业的数据保护软件-麦氪派

Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 激活版 – 强大高级专业的数据保护软件-麦氪派
Vault 101 for Mac 1.4.6 激活版 – 强大高级专业的数据保护软件-麦氪派

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