Unite Mac 破解版 将网站转化为应用程序

开发辅助 版本号:2.2.3

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Unite for Mac 破解版是Mac平台上一款非常好用的网站转化为应用程序。Unite for Mac能够为您快速轻松地将网站转换为macOS上全功能的本地应用程序,使用非常的简单,感兴趣的朋友快来看看吧!

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Unite 2.2.3 Mac 破解版 介绍

Unite for Mac是一款可轻松地将网站转换为macOS上的全功能本机应用程序的工具。使用革命性的Unite浏览器作为后端,每个Unite应用程序都具有自己的浏览器,同时保持令人难以置信的小而全功能。而且,由于Unite应用程序都是独一无二的浏览器,因此它们具有单独的Cookie和设置,以及对用户脚本和用户样式的支持。除了现代化的网页浏览功能,Unite应用程序还包括特定于macOS的功能,包括通知,TouchBar支持,将应用程序固定到状态栏等等。

What's New in Unite

Version 2.1:

An all new design
  • Redesigned Unite for the very first time in Unite 2.1. The new creation tool features an intuitive and beautiful interface carefully designed to make creating Unite apps easier - and prettier - than ever.
  • Unite 2.1 includes hundreds of bug fixes and improvements. Stability was our major focus for this update, and now you get all of the great features of Unite 2 with significantly improved performance.
New Features
  • Unite 2.1 includes a number of major new features, including a completely reworked system for downloading and uploading files, clear history, improved windowing and status bar apps, native notifications for Gmail, and much more.

Version 2.0:

  • Rewritten backend browser built on WebKit 2
  • Improved downloading abilities
  • Support for fullscreen video
  • Support for printing
  • Improved uploading and downloading support
  • Redesigned tab bar
  • Added progress indicator
  • Added ability to show icon in title bar
  • Added ability to toggle window name and icon
  • Added ability to change title and tab bar color
  • Windows will now remember size and position between launches
  • Command-W and close window command will now only close current tab as opposed to all open tabs
  • Unite will now remember hide toolbar if selected
  • Menu options now say chosen name instead of 'DefaultApp'
  • Added zoom support
  • Improved creation backend
  • Unite creation utility can now overwrite previously created apps
  • Unite 1 apps will automatically update their backend to Unite 2. Future updates should support as well
  • Notifications and User scripts improvements
  • Many bug fixes and smaller tweaks
Unite Mac 破解版 将网站转化为应用程序-麦氪派

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