Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 – 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

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Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 介绍

„Simple, Satisfying Time-Tracking. 9/10“ - Mac.Appstorm.net

„Elegant Time-Tracking for Freelancers“ - iFun.de

Tyme is an easy to use time tracking application for freelancers, small companies and anyone who wants to keep an overview of their times worked.

With Tyme you'll be able to have an instant breakdown of the progress you've made in your projects and if you are still in time and budget. Access Tyme straight from the menu bar.

With the Tyme iPhone app which is now also available, you can track your times even if you are on the go. iCloud keeps your data always in sync.


  • Syncs your projects and hours woked / times via iCloud (10.9 needed)
  • Today widgets: Have an instant overview of your current day and more
  • Starts automatically during system startup
  • Accessible straight from the menu bar
  • Start & stop tasks straight from the menu bar
  • Global hotkeys: Start & stop tasks from within other applications
  • Simply adjust the start time if you started the timer too late
  • Menu bar displays running time and daily total of hours worked
  • Simple project and task management with deadlines and planned budgets
  • Option to round time entries automatically
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual statistics about your workload and budget
  • Exports time entries as PDF, CSV or HTML
  • Supports the Macbook Pro Retina Display
  • Easy tagging and filtering for projects & tasks
  • Archives completed projects
  • Simple backup & restoring of your data
  • Supports Yosemite dark mode
  • AppleScript support. Tyme is fully scriptable: http://tyme-app.com/tyme-scripting/
  • Fully El Capitan compatible


Version 1.8.0:

  • New time tracking option: Cluster mode - In cluster mode recorded times of the same task are merged into one sum per day; no need to deal with start- and end-times, just the duration of a task counts
  • CSV importer improvements
  • Fixed crash when selecting non-RGB colors for projects
  • Several smaller UI enhancements

Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

Tyme 2 for Mac 1.8.0 激活版 - 个人时间规划追踪管理工具

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