Twixl Publisher Mac 破解版 Adobe InDesign 创建发布插件

平面设计 版本号:9.0

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Twixl Publisher让您轻松地创建基于Adobe InDesign内容的iOS或Android应用程序(包括平板电脑和手机)。你可以在苹果的App Store,谷歌游戏发布,或Kindle Fire AppStore。你也可以导出一个“网页阅读器”版本的内容,用于显示出版物是一个标准的台式机或笔记本电脑浏览器。自由twixl查看器应用程序的iOS和Android允许你快速发送预览自己的设备。

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Twixl Publisher 9.0 Mac 破解版 介绍







What's New in Twixl Publisher

Version 10.1:

  • Improved the compatibility with macOS Catalina for both the mac app and the plugin.
  • Several improvements which reduces the size of the Android APK files to about 50 MB.
  • When you create a new app on the Twixl Distribution Platform, you can now select a template which resembles an issue-based app.
  • Fixed a number of cases where the {purchaseInfo} placeholder wasn't working.
  • The issue-based app to article-based app converter now has support for the featured issue.
  • Fixed a bug in Android where full-screen versions of a slideshows were not displayed.
  • When a collection opens in detail view, the advanced scripting is now applied correctly in the browser client.
  • Some fixes in the plugin to ensure the plugin icon is displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs in the mobile apps.

Version 8.2:

Note: The minimum requirements are now iOS 10 and Android 5.

Note: Adobe InDesign CC 2015 or newer is now required for our plugins. Adobe InDesign CS6, CC and CC 2014 are no longer supported.

  • This version fixes the bugs reported with the 8.0 and 8.1 releases.
  • A number of inconsistencies between iOS and Android were resolved.


  • 可以在文档中找到有关浏览器客户端的更多信息。
  • 在iOS上重新设计PDF阅读体验
  • 在iOS上提供了更多改进的PDF渲染
  • 关于iOS上基于问题的应用程序中下载存储的许多错误修复
  • 在现代Android设备上更好的状态栏外观
  • iPhoneX的错误修复
  • 图像序列修复
  • 许多小错误修复
  • 改进的支持选项(链接A支持单)在TwinXl查看器经典和Twinixl应用程序审阅者中。
  • 请参见此知识库文章。
  • 改进的匿名崩溃日志记录




Version 7.1:

  • Fixed a bug in iOS article-based apps where hyperlinks in a browse grid were not working
  • Fixed a bug in the web reader which caused the table of contents to be incorrect
  • Single-issue Android apps now have the correct icon again after building
  • Single-issue Android apps now correctly load the publication when using a test build
  • Fixed a plethora of smaller bugs and crashes
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