Turnover Mac 破解版 BPM分析播放器

音频播放 版本号:1.61

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Turnover for Mac是一款十分高效的BPM分析播放器,使用这款软件,可以做到快速高效播放整个歌曲播放列表,以最大程度地减少对工作流程的干扰,不必等待每首歌开始播放。

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Turnover 1.61 Mac 破解版 介绍

Turnover是适用于OS X的最终BPM测量仪,用于为您的整个iTunes音乐库分配准确的BPM值。以惊人的速度点击整个播放列表,或者点击歌曲,因为它们几乎不会对您的工作流程造成任何干扰。让Turnover帮助生成固定速度训练的特定BPM范围内的播放列表,包括180 分钟每分钟播放列表以实现高效运行。

Turnover is a full-featured BPM tapper. Work your way through your entire iTunes music library with astonishing speed, or tap out songs as they come up with minimal disruption to your workflow. Let Turnover help generate playlists in specific BPM ranges for fixed-tempo workouts, including 180 steps-per-minute playlists for efficient running.


  • Optionally ignore BPM values guesstimated by beat analysis software
  • Rules to manage playlists
  • Various notification mechanisms, including Growl
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free operation
  • Immediate detection of tapping errors, never a need to wait or "reset" tapping
  • Several musical instrument "tap" sounds to choose from
Turnover Mac 破解版 BPM分析播放器-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)

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