TinkerTool System Mac 破解版 优秀的系统设置维护工具

系统增强 版本号:6.7

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TinkerTool System 是一款Mac上优秀的系统设置维护工具,帮助你修改一些系统隐藏的属性,包括系统界面字体,是否不显示隐藏文件等,深度定制系统的配置,很不错!

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TinkerTool System 6.7 Mac 破解版 介绍

TinkerTool System 是一组系统实用功能的集合,帮助您在Apple Macintosh计算机上执行高级管理任务。该应用程序使用一个自适应用户界面,它自动调整计算机模型和运行的OSX版本。在当前情况下,所有可用的选项都可以通过“窗格”访问,这与您从系统首选项应用程序中已经知道的技术非常相似。这些功能是通过一个单一的窗口来控制的,它允许您使用应用程序作为通用工具箱和急救助手。这包括:

  • 内置的OSX维护功能,通常在图形用户界面上不可见;
  • 扩展文件操作,在OS X查找器中不可用;
  • 访问在系统首选项中看不到的高级系统设置的可能性;
  • TinkerTool系统的真正和独特的特性,旨在解决管理员典型的现实世界问题,并修复操作系统中某些缺陷(“bug”)的影响;
  • 在图形用户界面不再正确启动或系统管理员的用户帐户被损坏的情况下对OSX进行故障排除和修复的紧急工具;
  • 保护您的隐私的功能,例如,审查和编辑为您的用户帐户存储的Internet cookie列表;
  • 收集有关硬件、操作系统和应用程序的高级信息的功能。

What's New in TinkerTool System

Version 6.7:

  • Added new feature to resize disk images (DMG files), hereby avoiding the flaws of Disk Utility.
  • Added further support for future versions of macOS.
  • The standalone version of TinkerTool System (tts in Single User mode) has been rewritten completely. The new “TinkerTool System for Recovery Mode” (ttsfrm) supersedes the previous emergency utility. This leads to the following advantages:
    • Compatibility with present and future versions of macOS is improved, because Single User mode is no longer officially supported by Apple
    • For Macs with T2 security chip, it will no longer be necessary to change the security settings
    • Issues with keyboard debouncing on certain Mac models are avoided
    • Apple’s Single User mode terminal is avoided, so readability on systems with Retina screens is fully restored
    • The emergency tool can now use the full character set and a graphical user interface
    • Separate, proactive installation steps for the emergency tool are no longer necessary
  • A graphical interface to disable or enable System Integrity Protection has been added to the emergency tool. The following features no longer make sense in macOS Recovery Mode and have been removed: file system check for the system volume, deleting Input Managers, rebuilding XPC caches, self-removal
  • The feature to create macOS installation media now accepts destination volumes which have slightly less than 8 GB of storage. This takes into account that Apple’s installer is based on working with volumes (not disks) whose formatted capacity can be significantly lower than that of the physical storage device

Version 6.51:

Note: Now requires macOS 10.14 or later

  • This update is necessary to maintain compatibility with new versions of TinkerTool (7.4 or later)
  • Added further support for future versions of macOS
  • Better guidance for the feature to remove unsuitable update notifications for users who have a customized update server set
  • Fixed a problem where the application could hang while beginning to display live output from external utility tools that have been started without privileged permissions

Version 5.99 S1 (Build 190327):

  • Added new feature to the check of absolute path lengths for deeply nested folders that not only tests existing objects, but additionally checks potential paths that would be created when copying the tested files to currently attached volumes.
  • Keyboard control of the Standalone Utility was optimized once again.
  • The swap space volume (VM) is no longer offered as possible target for specific operations to avoid confusion.
  • A layout issue of the path control that presents the top search folder in the results sheet for overlong paths has been resolved. This avoids that the panel can become wider than the screen.
  • Broken symbolic links will no longer stop a propagation operation on the ACL pane, if the feature to propagate an Access Control List is active.

Version 5.97:

  • Added a workaround for a declaration issue in the latest versions of the macOS Mojave installer which could cause the installer not to be accepted as valid for the creation of install media.
  • Several changes and optimizations in user guidance when working with startup jobs, login screen settings, and license registration.
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