Suitcase Fusion 7 for Mac 18.2.2 破解版 – Mac上专业优秀的字体管理工具


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Suitcase Fusion 是由 extensis出品的一款非常知名的字体管理软件,支持Mac和Windows平台,能够支持最新的 Adobe CC 系列软件,非常的强大!

[Suitcase Fusion 在官网售价119.95美元,约合人民币750元]

Suitcase Fusion 7 for Mac 18.2.2 介绍

Suitcase Fusion 7 is the creative professional's font manager.

Every professional font manager should deliver the basics: spectacular previews, powerful search tools, and efficient font organization. You have those basics covered. But there is a lot more you actually DO with fonts - namely traditional and web design. We can help with that too!

  • Secure, professional font storage
  • Full-featured font previews allow you to compare fonts side-by-side
  • Auto-activation plug-ins for professional design applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress
  • Support includes OS X 10.9 Mavericks and Windows 8
  • See how fonts work side-by-side in paste-up style previews with QuickComp
  • Patented Font Sense technology fingerprints fonts for precise identification
  • Find similar fonts fast with QuickMatch
  • Web font enabled with WebINK and Google Font connections
  • Organize fonts with Sets
  • Supports the use of Adobe Typekit desktop fonts from your Creative Cloud subscription.
  • Create PNG font previews by drag-and-drop with Font Snapshots
  • FontDoctor included FREE for additional corruption detection and organization
  • Floating Previews hover over all other applications
  • Built-in font-cache cleaner for OS X
Suitcase Fusion 7 for Mac 18.2.2 破解版 – Mac上专业优秀的字体管理工具-麦氪派

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