Sublime Text 3 for Mac 3140 序号版 - 绝对强大的代码编辑神器

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Sublime Text 3 是Mac os平台上的一款非常不错的代码编辑器,同时 Sublime Text 也是跨平台的,界面和功能感觉和 TextMate 比较相似。此外他的窗口分组、项目管理、扩展工具、代码折叠方面都非常不错,还直接支持 vim 模式。

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Sublime Text 3 for Mac 3140 介绍

Sublime Text 是一个代码编辑器.也是HTML和散文先进的文本编辑器。漂亮的用户界面和非凡的功能,例如迷你地图,多选择,Python的插件,代码段,等等。完全可自定义键绑定,菜单和工具栏。

Sublime Text的主要功能包括:拼写检查,书签,完整的 Python API , Goto 功能,即时项目切换,多选择,多窗口等等。

Version 3140:

  • New C++, JavaScript and Rust syntax definitions with improved accuracy and performance
  • Many other syntax highlighting improvements
  • OSX: Improved rendering performance, especially on high resolution screens
  • Improved word wrap behavior
  • Improved spell check behavior
  • Improved file indexing behavior with multiple windows open
  • Themes may now be switched on the fly without artifacts
  • HTML: Pressing enter when between a tag pair will increase indentation
  • Some snippets have have been moved into a sub-directories, so custom overrides and key bindings that reference them will need to be updated
  • show_scope_name command shows the scope in a popup
  • Package Development: Added 'Syntax Tests - Regex Compatibility' build variant for evaluating syntax definition performance
  • Package Development: Expanded the set of regexes the new regex engine is able to handle
  • Syntax Definitions: Fixed some cases where pop matches with back references weren't working correctly
  • Fixed some Unicode handling issues in Goto Anything
  • Fixed a scenario where changes to .tmPreferences files weren't being picked up
  • Fixed a 3096 rendering performance regression
  • Fixed a 3096 regression in regular expressions when using x{nnnn} escapes
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with an invalid result_file_regex settings
  • API: Added window.status_message
  • API: Changes to how plugins are loaded. This should be transparent, but resolves a number of corner cases
  • API: Updated to Python 3.3.6, and now includes the _ssl module on Linux, plus sqlite3 and bz2 on all platforms
  • API: Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2h

Sublime Text 3 for Mac 3140 序号版 - 绝对强大的代码编辑神器

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    ECB1BC4E D8010D5A 77BA86C8 BA7F76CC
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