Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 – 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

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Studies 是一款Mac上优秀的抽认卡制作工具,可以快速方便的制作Flashcards,提高学习效率,支持iCloud同步,很不错!

[Studies 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币 198 元]

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 介绍

Studies is the app to help you master your studies — whatever they may be — on macOS and iOS.

Some things in life just have to be memorized. Facts, formulas, words, pictures, dates, procedures, even names and faces. Everything you do includes information that needs to reside in your head. Studies can help with that.

Studies is a study card app for the serious student. It's a tool to expand your knowledge, and it doesn't matter what it is you want to learn — medicine, law, language, history, piloting, fine art, music, martial arts — from simple day-to-day tidbits, to knowledge of life changing importance. Studies is an app to help you achieve your learning goals.

There are Studies apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and they sync up beautifully via iCloud. Start studying in class with Studies for Mac, continue on the bus ride home with Studies for iPhone, and finish off on the sofa with Studies for iPad.

(Note: Studies was formerly called Mental Case.)

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Everyone's a student.

  • A student of Spanish.
  • A student of Physics.
  • A student of Medicine, Law.
  • A student of Art. A student of Nature...of People and Places.
  • A student of Comedy, of Theatre.
  • A student of Flight.
  • A student of Love.
  • A student of Life.
  • Everyone's a student.


  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Rich media study notes (flashcards), with formatted text, images, audio and video
  • Study notes with as many sides as you wish
  • Immersive study sessions
  • Sync all or part of your library via iCloud
  • Study scheduling for long-term learning or exam cram (Spaced-Repetition and Leitner systems)
  • Multiple choice quizzes
  • Search and download from
  • Export to share your notes
  • Import from text and Excel files
  • Migrate data from Mental Case app


Download (free) via the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.


We love to get feedback about Studies, and answer any questions you may have.

Please send email to, or visit


Version 1.2.1:

  • Fixes issue in date-targeted schedule.

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 - 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 - 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 - 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 - 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

Studies for Mac 1.2.1 激活版 - 优秀的抽认卡制作工具

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