Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 – 国际股票实时查看工具

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Stock + Pro 是一款 Mac 上国际股票实时查看工具,Stock + 可以实时查看股票的价格、走势、交易等信息,主要包含美国股市,支持菜单栏信息滚动显示和全屏显示,以及多种直观的走势图形、分析图形,非常的不错!

[Stock + Pro 在 Mac App Store上售价198元]

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 介绍

Stock + Pro is the most popular investment app for OS X. Designed to be easy to pick up for beginners while packing advanced tools for seasoned veterans, Stock + Pro helps you know exactly what is going on with your portfolio.

The clear and concise welcome tutorial will help familiarize you with the powerful features that Stock + Pro offers.


  • Get realtime stock quotes for US equities
  • Track international stocks from exchanges all around the world in their native currency
  • Follow mutual funds and ETFs
  • Keep up to date on Commodities
  • Know the current exchange rates for Forex markets


  • Enter # of shares owned
  • Enter Total Cost of Shares
  • View approximate Gain/Loss of Portfolio
  • View Change of Portfolio Value Today
  • View your allocation percentages with an interactive pie chart


  • Never miss a change with a desktop or menubar ticker
  • Create your own ticker themes or use one of the prebuilt themes
  • Adjust the speed and scrolling style of the ticker to meet your needs
  • Scroll to what you are interested in with easy to use manual controls
  • Pause the ticker to keep a handful of stocks in sight at all times


  • Mouse over graphs to see historic data for a specific day or time
  • Switch from a line graph to a bar or candlestick chart
  • Draw Custom Trend Lines
  • Add technical overlays including:
    • Simple Moving Averages
    • Exponential Moving Averages
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Parabolic SAR
    • Volume
    • RSI
    • MACD
  • Coverage from 1 day to 5+ years.
  • Create comparison graphs with ease, up to 5 symbols at once
  • Expand the retina ready graphs to fill your entire screen.


  • Easily visualize an entire watchlist.
  • Sort heat maps by any metric shown in watchlist.
  • View 1 Day Performance, Relative Volume, P/E, PEG, or Dividend Yield


  • Retina ready
  • Fullscreen enabled
  • Designed exclusively for OS X


  • Add RSS feeds to get the news that you care about.
  • Reader style clean articles.
    • Automatically strips out all ads, sidebar distractions, and lets you focus on the news content that matters to you.
  • Quickly switch back to original news article.
  • See what other investors are saying with the integrated StockTwits©


  • Set customizable watch points on individual stocks.
  • Monitor key metrics or overall stock price movement.
  • Email, Notification, and/or sound alerts when watch point is triggered.


  • See current prices in a compact Today widget. (requires 10.10 Yosemite)


  • Easy to understand welcome tutorial.
  • Frequently Asked Questions just one click away.
  • Responsive Developer that can be easily contacted.

Send us your suggestions for future updates! We are constantly updating this app and will be for a long long time!

If you have questions or problems concerning Stock + Pro please contact us by visiting

Stock + Pro is a research tool. It cannot trade securities on your behalf. It is however a fantastic tool to keep an eye on the market.


This update improves the stability of the app and is recommended for all users.

- Resolves an issue where an EMA or MACD chart overlay could crash the app.
- Improves candlestick charting of select stocks
- Underlying code cleanup to improve memory management.

We have more improvements on the way so stay tuned!
The Chimp Studios Team

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 - 国际股票实时查看工具

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 - 国际股票实时查看工具

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 - 国际股票实时查看工具

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 - 国际股票实时查看工具

Stock + Pro for Mac 3.8.2 激活版 - 国际股票实时查看工具

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