Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 – 零代码可视化开发工具

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Sparkle, Visual Web Design 是一款Mac上的网页开发工具,最大的特点就是零代码的可视化设计方式,让我们可以像画图一样设计开发网站,无需任何的编码,自动生成HTML5和CSS代码,并且支持响应式网站设计。

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Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 介绍

Sparkle Mac版这是一款Mac OS系统的开发工具,他可以让你开发的App及时的将更新程序快速的推送到用户手中,让你可以很好的维持用户忠诚度和提高软件使用体验。

Sparkle is the web design tool for creating modern sites with unparalleled creative control. Skip the tedium and design a gorgeous site that works right out of the box.

With Sparkle you:

  • Build landing pages in minutes. Test your ideas quickly.
  • Focus your efforts on content and information architecture.
  • Create full sites without HTML/CSS knowledge.
  • Quickly iterate on fully functional page designs.

Designer, developer, or building a site for your business, Sparkle makes sites happen.

  • Born on OS X, optimized for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Familiar content creation interface, a small leap for a designer.
  • Quickly create media-rich websites, with images, video, maps, social and more.
  • Stunning output quality via web fonts and 2x/3x retina graphics.
  • Share your site at any stage of construction thanks to default draft/wireframe look.
  • Support mobile devices via specific layouts.
  • Clean HTML5 output for maximum browser compatibility.


Version 2.2.1:

  • Fixed: Touch Bar related crashes
  • Fixed: layout issues related to scroll locations and multiple devices
  • Fixed: incorrect generation of robots.txt and sitemap.xml in some cases
  • Fixed: links to downloadable files from pages in folders
  • Fixed: menu text scaling with multi device documents
  • Fixed: video in lightbox on iOS devices
  • Fixed: text color of text inputs
  • Fixed: crash when the sharing image is missing
  • Fixed: scroll locations in hidden, sticky and wide boxes
  • Fixed: links when source and destination are in the same folder
  • Fixed: element rotation for elements entirely contained in non-rotated elements

Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 - 零代码可视化开发工具

Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 - 零代码可视化开发工具

Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 - 零代码可视化开发工具

Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 - 零代码可视化开发工具

Sparkle Pro for Mac 2.2.1 破解版 - 零代码可视化开发工具

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