Soulver Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的多功能计算器

原生中文 版本号:3.0.1

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Soulver 是一款 Mac 上的多功能计算器,相比系统自带的计算器Soulver拥有更为强大的功能,它让你输入计算的数字和操作符,然后帮助你计算出结果,更加的符合人们的计算习惯,此外,还支持很多强大的功能,需要大家慢慢发掘了,如输入120 - 10% ,会自动计算出结果102,非常的强大!

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Soulver 3.0.1 Mac 破解版 介绍





  • 整合文字编辑功能的快速计算器
  • 用文字注记让你的计算简单易懂。
  • 计算百分比。 ("$120 - 10%", "30 as a % of 200")
  • 看见计算的行列总数
  • 单位换算 ("10 USD in Euros, "22 feet in meters")
  • 股票换算 ("100 AAPL")
  • 使用代码引用特定行列算式
  • 自定变量快速取用常用数值
  • 符合精确数学计算功能
  • 支援二进位、十六进位计算
  • 在iPhone和iPad上的Soulver App同步使用你的算式
  • 输出成PDF和HTML文件
  • 支援 Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Support for Resume & Versions on Mac OS 10.7 Lion

2010 Mac Gem奖:MacWorld 四星评价

2010 Mac OS X Ars 设计奖:第二名

Acqualia重新发明了计算器,我认为他们带着天才之作登场” - AppStorm

“毫无疑问,这是苹果的平台上最好的一款计算器”- SmokingApples

What's New

Version 3.00:

Soulver 3 has 50 new features. Most requested features include support for dark mode, date & time math, subtotals, an integrated sheets manager and a redesigned user interface.

Note: Soulver 3 for Mac does not sync with Soulver 2 for iOS as they use different math engines. It can import your Soulver 2 (.soulver) files though

  • Redesigned user interface supports dark mode and includes a sidebar for managing sheets within the app.
  • Support for calendar calculations.
  • Proportion/'rule of three' functions (10 is to 20 as 50 is to what/15 is to 30 as what is to 80)
  • Functions with multiple parameters: 'midpoint between', 'greater/lesser of', 'remainder of'
  • Unix time calculations
  • More intuitive syntax for some percentage operators ('50 is 25% of what')
  • More large SI prefixes & support for small SI prefixes in answer formatting
  • 'Half of' function
  • Create folders for managing sheets.
  • Trash for recovering recently deleted files.
  • Drag sheets out of the sidebar to export a .slvr file
  • Spotlight search integration
  • Sort sheets by date edited, date created or title
  • Import Soulver 2 or Soulver 3 files by dropping them on the dock icon.
  • Designate a line a subtotal, which will add up all lines above it (up to the next subtotal or heading)
  • Variables can now include multiple words
  • Auto-complete support for variables (hit the escape key)
  • Shift-hover over a variable to see its actual value on that line
  • Variables can now be redeclared with new values.
  • Scrubbable numbers (shift hover over a number to show the scrubber)
  • Auto-thousands separator insertion (1000 becomes 1,000)
  • QuickOperators (1p1 becomes 1 + 1, etc)
  • Keystrokes to insert labels & variable declarations
  • Touch Bar support with quick access to operators, sheet defined variables, and line references.
  • A preferences to start sheets with a heading or a comment
Units & Currencies
  • User definable custom units
  • More scientific units
  • Better answer formatting of time & imperial lengths
  • Support for 16 popular cryptocurrencies
  • Better handling of unit calculations in many cases than in Soulver 2.
  • All real-world currencies now enabled by default (no need to add them manually)
Lines & References
  • Rearrange & delete lines & via the answer column
  • Bump lines up/down using keystrokes
  • Reference insertion mode (hit ⌘L, then type the number of the line you want to insert a reference to)
  • Command-line interface
  • URL schemes
  • Automator Action for evaluating text using Soulver
  • Calculate anywhere services
  • Alfred integration
  • Automatically convert documents created in foreign locales into your preferred locale
  • Soulver now uses a JSON based file format (.slvr) rather than XML based (.soulver)
  • Import Soulver 2 files, and have them migrated to the latest syntax
  • Use # for headings
  • Implicit unit detection in some case (i.e 2 ducks + 2 ducks = 4 ducks)
  • References can optionally refer to a line's rounded value
  • Redesigned styling preference pane with a live preview
  • Heading styling (custom font size, and # colour)
  • A redesigned reference that mimics the Soulver UI
  • A new app icon by Marc Edwards

Version 2.6.9:

  • Improved compatibility with Soulver for iOS
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes

Version 2.6.9:

  • 修正了一个错误,Soulver可能会崩溃一些用户的启动,由于货币服务器不可用。Soulver现在将正确地转换为货币汇率的替代来源。
Soulver Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的多功能计算器-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Soulver Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的多功能计算器-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
Soulver Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的多功能计算器-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)

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