RightFont for Mac 3.2.5 破解版 – 适合设计师的字体管理工具


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应网友要求更新。RightFont 是一款Mac上优秀的字体管理工具,专为设计师设计,轻量化和简洁,可以方便快速的管理你都字体,支持中文界面,可以无缝配合Photoshop、Illustrator、Sketch等设计软件进行使用,支持字体预览、网盘同步、安装和管理等,非常的好用!

[RightFont 在官网上售价39.95美元,约合人民币240元]

RightFont for Mac 3.2.5 介绍

RightFont is a lightweight font manager with a clean, beautiful interface. It offers many features which help you manage all your local fonts with ease.

  • Font-management access anytime directly from your menubar
  • Mark any font as starred with a click
  • Create and manage font lists
  • Access fonts directly in adobe creative cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Sketch, etc.
  • Instant search results as you type
  • Change font preview and font size in real-time
  • Find the right font faster
  • Easily filter fonts by classifications (sans serif, serif, script, etc.), font width and font weight. even Google Fonts and Adobe TypeKit fonts are listed separately for you.
  • Effortless integrations - you can use RightFont with design software. With a simple double-click, the font used in your text layer can be changed.


Version 3.2.5:

  • Fixed a font-activation issue when activating a font family in group view
RightFont for Mac 3.2.5 破解版 – 适合设计师的字体管理工具-麦氪派

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