Remote Wake Up Mac 破解版 实用的远程开机工具

系统增强 版本号:1.3.1

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Remote Wake Up 是一款Mac上实用的远程设备唤醒工具,可以通过远程控制来将处于休眠或者关机状态下的电脑开机,从而进行数据传输的一系列操作,非常好用的一款工具!

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Remote Wake Up 1.3.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

Remote Wake Up for Mac使您能够远程在每个局域网唤醒功能的设备切换。您还可以通过互联网唤醒设备。此外,Remote Wake Up允许您重启,关闭,发送其他Mac进入睡眠状态,甚至可以使用SSH发送AppleScripts。


  • 唤醒每一个局域网唤醒功能的设备
  • 唤醒,重新启动,关闭或送苹果电脑睡觉
  • 使用SSH做更多
  • 作品在互联网上
  • 使用方便发送的AppleScript和通过状态栏菜单
  • 包括网络IP和MAC直观的用户界面
  • 轻松访问地址扫描器
  • 包括示例AppleScript的图书馆

Remote Wake Up is a tool that allows you to remotely switch on every Wake On Lan capable device. You can also wake up devices over the internet. Additionally Remote Wake Up allows you to reboot, shut down, send other Macs to sleep or even send AppleScripts using SSH.


  • Wake up every Wake On Lan capable device
  • Wake up, reboot, shut down or send Macs to sleep
  • Send AppleScripts using SSH to do even more
  • Works over the internet
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • Easy access via a status bar menu
  • Included network IP and MAC addresses scanner
  • Includes example AppleScript library

If you don't know how to configure your devices or your network, have a look on the FAQ page here:

What's New in Remote Wake Up

Version 1.3.1:

  • Looking for local hosts now displays the DNS name in the list
  • Added a field for optional public IP address or domain when sending via Internet
  • Advanced security with full support for the new hardened runtime and app notarisation
  • Default WakeOnLAN port is now 9
  • Integrated the LittleSnitch Internet Access Policy
  • The host name or IP was missing in the success message text


If you like Remote Wake Up, please consider to rate it on the App Store. It would mean the world to me. 🙂

NEW: Group your hosts with labels

NEW: More compact hosts sidebar

NEW: Send commands to a group of hosts

Remote Wake Up Mac 破解版 实用的远程开机工具-麦氪派
Remote Wake Up Mac 破解版 实用的远程开机工具-麦氪派
Remote Wake Up Mac 破解版 实用的远程开机工具-麦氪派
Remote Wake Up Mac 破解版 实用的远程开机工具-麦氪派

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