Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Mac 破解版 远程连接控制

远程控制 版本号:2019.1.9.0

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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise for mac远程桌面管理器 - 是一个小应用程序来控制远程连接。 使用远程桌面管理器程序,您可以快速添加,编辑,删除,组织或查找远程连接。 该实用程序与Microsoft远程桌面或终端服务兼容,是一个非常简单的使用,但同时功能强大有效。 远程桌面管理器适合任何用户。

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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.1.9.0 Mac 破解版 介绍



远程桌面管理器Enterprise Edition是一种功能强大、功能强大的工具,专门针对网络和系统管理员,以及需要将所有远程连接、密码和其他凭据存储在一个屋檐下的用户。


在Mac上使用远程桌面管理器Enterprise Edition并不是一件容易的事情,但是它的良好的界面和易于访问的功能将使您在处理它之前不需要大量的时间。




此外,远程桌面管理器Enterprise Edition还支持大量的连接,如RDP、SSH、Web、VNC、Telnet、ica/hdx、TeamViewer、LogMeIn,以及在附加组件的帮助下,25个VPN类型。

就安全性而言,远程桌面管理器Enterprise Edition具有内置的密码管理器、密码分析器和SSH密钥生成器。它还允许您保存和管理您的所有密码,以及从其他现有密码管理器导入数据。


对于其管理工具,Remote Desktop Manager企业版集成了Citrix XenServer、VMware、Microsoft终端服务器和hyper-v的控制台,以及远程关闭、唤醒局域网和库存报告功能。

考虑到所有因素,远程桌面管理器Enterprise Edition提供了一个简化的管理环境和大量的特性,使它成为任何系统和网络管理员都必须使用的应用程序,这些管理员可以使用多个远程连接和凭据。

What's New in Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise

Version 2019.1.9.0:

  • Terminal Playback tool
  • Alternate host filter option
  • Alternate host in overview
  • Default Tags in System Settings
  • Entry list prompt when executing SSH Command Line Macro/Script/Tool
  • Possibility to create DOD file from the data source Private Vault tab
  • SFTP sudo mode
  • Allow quitting the app when it is locked
  • Updated 1Password credential entry
  • $PARENT_HOST_WITH_PORT$ variable being improperly resolved in SSH Tunnel entry
  • Cloud authentication crashing in macOS 10.10 Yosemite
  • Cloud authentication failing if cookie is expired
  • Crash when searching in a VMware entry that failed to connect
  • Credential appearing in the Session category of the System Settings -> Type Availability tab
  • DOD and DODB datasource username field not getting filled
  • DPS list prompt refresh button not working
  • DPS vault prompt showing unavailable vaults
  • Error when cancelling DPS Credential entry list prompt
  • Error when selecting credential of a type unsupported in Mac
  • General Tab being empty when viewing Information entry
  • Possible bypass of application lock
  • Some DPS entry icons not appearing in DPS Credential entry list prompt
  • SSH entry authentication not falling back to the next authentication mode if the password is left empty

Version 2019.1.7.0:

New Features:
  • Added Password Policy for RDM Custom Login users
  • Added Session Recording in SSH Shell sessions
  • Added "Show icon in Dock" option
  • Added "Use SSH authentication agent" and "Allow SSH Authentication agent forwarding" in SSH Tunnel and SSH Port Forward sessions
  • Added Display modes (Embedded, Undocked and External) option in Information entries
  • Added Host field in Password List entry password items
  • Added ordering capability in playlists
  • Added Proxy settings in SSH Shell entry
  • Added Pwned Check enforcement
  • Added Red dot session recording indicator
  • Added support to Devolutions Two Factor with Cloud account
  • Added support to see Favorites and Most Recently Used entries in other Vaults
  • Added Vaults selector menu item in Menu Bar icon
  • Added warning message when creating a playlist with an already used name
  • Added warning message when trying to Jump through a RDP session with Legacy engine
  • Added warning message when trying to record RDP session with Legacy engine
  • Changed the default action of a Website information entry to opening a web page to its URL
  • Disabled "Allow password in variable" for users that cannot view the password
  • Improved User and Local Specific Settings credentials settings
  • ")" not being properly sent in ARD sessions
  • "Open (Select Credentials)..." with Password List prompting multiple times
  • All $COMPUTER_*$ variable improperly resolving
  • Automatic checkout not automatically checking in
  • Crash when changing mode in TeamViewer entry
  • Crash when editing/adding datasources in macOS High Sierra
  • DPS Users and Roles assignment not working for Vaults, Security Groups and Roles
  • Entry overview not properly showing credentials from repository
  • Entry overview not properly showing overriden credentials from Local or User Specific Settings
  • Error when reconnecting a session that is being recorded
  • Google Drive Datasource being unavailable
  • Logs tab in entry settings selecting Session Recording sesion
  • Making and entry the child of a second entry deleting the other childs of the second entry
  • Many numeric text fields crashing when emptied
  • Open with Template not working if the session as a status message
  • RDP external sessions Password Auto Fill not working if RDM has not already been granted Automation rights
  • RDP session Open Fullscreen with Smart Reconnect resizing mode immediately disconnecting on opening
  • SCP password prompt showing twice on cancel
  • Search field remaining enabled when locking the application
  • Some Batch edit fields not being applied
  • Tab key working improperly with the "Send key as Unicode" option enabled in RDP sessions
  • User being able to open expired entry
  • Workspaces opening in background when "Ask before Launch" is the selected settings

Version 2019.1.6.0:

New features:
  • Session Recording for RDP, ARD and VNC sessions
  • "Manufacturer" and "Model Information" to the Hardware Information section of entries settings
  • "Reset scroll on display" setting in SSH Shell entries
  • host port in Folder Overview Parameter column for SSH Shell, SSH Tunnel, Port Forward and Telnet entry types
  • support for JavaScript window.alert() and confirm() method in Web Browser entries
  • Web Browser auto fill support with class name
  • Windows, LDAP and RADIUS authenticatication modes to CyberArk credential entries
  • Improved the entry Repository field so it remembers the exact Credential shortcut selected (if it is a shortcut)
  • "View password" and "Copy password" not being possible in DODB data sources
  • Activity Logs date picker not properly reflecting the date value selected
  • Activity Logs Username search not working
  • Advanced Search creation and last updated dates date picker not starting with the right value
  • all languages except French and English missing from the Preferences option
  • crash when using DPS datasource in offline mode
  • creating Favorite folders with spaces as name being allowed
  • Document entry with a linked file Update button not working
  • double Password List prompt when cancelling View Password on a Password List entry
  • duplacating an RDP session tab closing the original tab if the duplicate authentication failed
  • Importing/Pasting an in the Private Vault which ID already is used by another entry in the Main Vault implying that there is an override needed
  • iTerm settings General, Connection, Display, Advanced and Other tabs not being editable
  • multiple Batch Edit Session Type Settings not being properly applied
  • Password Analyzer cancelling entry editing still saving the entry
  • pasting in the File Explorer entry right pane not pasting in the selected folder
  • RDP session with Local Resources -> Printers enabled failing to connect
  • some filter option in the application search field not displaying the saved option
  • SSH Shell Jump Host credential repository not being properly resolved if the Description URL contains "$NAME$"
  • System Settings "Disable entry drag-and-drop" not working
  • viewing Contact entry with Undocked mode still opening embedded

Version 2019.1.5.0:

  • Support for Jump host
  • Support for "Allow Notes in Information" root option
  • Copying entry from shared vault to private vault needlessly asking for overriding
  • Crash when closing the Import Csv Wizard window
  • Double prompt when cancelling View Password on Password List
  • Icons missing in Dashboard Overview for many entry types
  • Native crash reporter lacking some diagnostic information
  • Non-admin user being able to add forbidden password
  • Passportal list prompt search field clear button not working
  • Password List allowing items without username or password
  • Possible crash when closing the "Submit a Support Ticket" view
  • Root settings being available from Private Vault
  • Selecting image in image picker already set to another entry causing an error
  • Toggle Favorite being enabled on Root entry
  • User with cache only being able to use the data source in offline mode

Version 2019.1.4.0:

  • Added Data Source Permissions
  • "Remote desktop size" global setting in preferences
  • Entry States tab in the Opened Sessions navigation tab
  • Support for TigerVNC dynamic resizing
  • Adding bucket to some Amazon S3 region not working
  • Checkout still being available to entries with checkout disable
  • Closing the fullscreen Main Window leaving a black window
  • Crash when closing the SSH Port Forward entry settings view
  • Crash with the Backup -> Restore window
  • Entry list in Offline Mode not properly refreshing when deleting entry
  • Filter not working properly in 1Password credential entry selection view
  • Main Window with hidden nativation view leaving fullscreen resize not working
  • Password Vault Manager credential entry not working
  • Ribbon and Session Menu close button always remaining disabled
  • Toggling fullscreen on Main Window hanging
  • Type Availability not being sorted
  • VMRC embedded session to vCenters not working


  • Added options when creating new SQL Server database
  • Fixed crash when connecting through an SSH Tunnel or SSH Port Forward session
  • Fixed external ARD/VNC sessions with non-URL compliant characters failing to launch
  • Fixed hang when launching htop command in SSH Shell session with font size different than 11


New features
  • Added NoMachine session
  • Added "Send input as unicode" option for RDP sessions
  • Added SSH session recording
  • Updated LastPass sessions (better support for 2FA)
  • Adding, editing or doing any sort of modification in a Google Drive data source not working if the file is saved in the drive root
  • Checkout mode not working if the checkout mode is set to anything other than Default or Inherited
  • Crash when emptying SSH Shell session configuration view number fields
  • Doing "View Password" on a folder showing the password of its first child entry instead
  • Error when attempting to see Tasks
  • Failure to launch SFTP session on heavy traffic network
  • Forbidden passwords not being validated
  • Password Templates not appearing in the Password Generator view popup button
  • Printer redirection not working in RDP Modern Engine sessions
  • Recently aquired RDM license keys not working
  • Remote cursor being offset from local cursor in ARD sessions
  • Remote cursor not following local cursor in undocked ARD sessions
  • Some crashes when using SSH Shell sessions
  • Sound redirection not working in RDP Modern Engine sessions
  • Trackpad scrolling misbehaving in ARD sessions
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