RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具

开发环境 版本号:8.4.20812

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让你几分钟内创建具有专业水准的网页,你不需要去了解怎样编码,RapidWeaver 帮你制作出100%的基于XHTML和CSS的网页来.

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RapidWeaver 8.4.20812 Mac 破解版 介绍

RapidWeaver for Mac是最好的网页设计软件,功能强大,足以与您和您的业务共同成长。建立你想要的网站。自十年前推出以来, 每个版本都旨在使您的网站更好,并且我们已经仔细确保了比以往更好。建立从小型个人网站到在线商店的任何东西。


  • 建立敏感的移动就绪网站
  • 不需要编码
  • 主题为主
  • 内置FTP发布
  • SEO优化
  • 浏览器兼容
  • 可以使用100个附加组件
  • 可重复使用的片段
  • 版本和自动保存
  • 项目备份
  • 免费培训视频和播客

What's New in RapidWeaver

Version 8.3:

  • Support for Emporter
  • New update engine due to DevMate going away
  • Support for detecting and managing duplicate images
  • An issue when copying the url of a resource
  • An issues with sub folders being incorrectly named when opening and old project
  • An issue where an 'Untitled Folder' directory could be seen in resources
  • A crash when adding new resources if existing resources are unresolved
  • A crash in the link panel
  • A crash when dragging a resource into site settings
  • An issue where the blog social images would not be saved
  • Ongoing work to improve Amazon S3 Publishing
  • Updated Multi Lander Theme
  • Various other under the hood tweaks and fixes

Version 8.1.6:

  • Fixed a crash when generating the web icon package
  • Remove/relink resource buttons now works on the correct item
  • Fixed a crash when updating links
  • Fixed some issues with the simulator window menu items
  • Various other fixes

Version 8.1.5:

  • An issues with blog publishing
  • A crash in the File Sharing page
  • Connection test now cancels correctly
  • Added search to the missing resources window
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Version 8.1.3:

  • An issue where users couldn't save their project
  • A dark mode issue in general settings
  • Some more logging to try and catch some pesky crashes

Version 8.1:

  • Issue when updating addons
  • Crash when deleting multiple pages
  • Crash that would occur when deleting multiple pages
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Issue that would cause RapidWeaver to hang when previewing some pages
RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具-麦氪派
RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具-麦氪派
RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具-麦氪派
RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具-麦氪派
RapidWeaver Mac 破解版 优秀的零编码网页开发工具-麦氪派

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