PhoneClean for Mac 5.0.0 序号版 – Mac上强大的iOS设备清理和优化工具

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PhoneClean 是Mac OS平台上一款为iPhone,iPad清理垃圾软件的工具,需要安装iTunes 支持。PhoneClean 它能帮你清理应用程序缓存、cookies、离线数据文件,清理临时文件并回收可用空间。如果你感觉iPhone,iPad越来越慢,可以试试phoneclean 清理释放空间。

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PhoneClean for Mac 5.0.0 介绍






PhoneClean is uniquely designed to reclaim more free space on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and make all iOS devices running faster. Working on both PC and Mac, this free-yet-magic tool will safely remove all kinds of useless files on iOS system in order to clean up and speed up your iDevices.

Now with PhoneClean, your iPhone is going to take more music, photos and always play Apps with smoothness.

PhoneClean Pro is totally free for basic cleaning function, and $19.99 for a one-year subscription with advanced functions. You can compare the Free VS Pro version here.


Version 5.0.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.8 or later.

  • The completely redesigned UI that perfectly fits macOS Sierra and Windows 10.
  • Introduced Erase Clean to permanently delete all device contents with 1-click.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and improved the program performance.

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