Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图

平面设计 版本号:2.2.7

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PatterNodes for Mac破解版主要用于参数图形和插图,PatterNodes Mac版能轻松帮助用户创建图形模式,可以将进行颜色、间距、缩放、旋转等调整,支持导出多种格式的位图和矢量图。

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Patternodes 2.2.7 Mac 破解版 介绍



所产生的模式tile总是在底部预览视图中显示,在实时的情况下进行重复和更新,使您能够即时反馈最终的结果。来简化创建模式Patternodes还包含很多节点自动执行常见的单调乏味的任务,如重复元素的瓷砖边缘模式无缝,或者随机的不同方面(如颜色、位置、旋转等)元素的模式给它多一点的生活。最后,当您完成时,您可以简单地将模式tile复制到您所使用的任何插图或图形应用程序中,或者将其导出为矢量图形或位图图像文件。动画可以导出为GIF, QuickTime MOV或编号PNG或JPG文件。

What's New in Patternodes

Version 2.27:

  • Improved Text element node with support for dynamic value based text and a new Text box mode with for better aligning and layout control. NOTE: This may mean some layout changes are needed for files using the old text node multi-line mode.
  • Improved Clipping mask node now has an invert option that lets you use what's outside the clipping mask instead, and can be used to remove existing clipping paths.
  • Math nodes now resize automatically to fit longer formulas.
  • Fixes a bug where clicking out of the Artboard node size fields would revert values instead of applying changes.
  • Leaving value fields empty now set them to 0 instead of showing a formula parsing error.
  • Fixes a couple of issues with importing legacy Patternodes 1 files.
  • Fixes bug with renaming artboard layers in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the animation duration would initially be incorrect when loading longer animation files.
  • You can now access pictures from your Photos albums when browsing to import graphics.
  • Improved performance.

Version 2.2.5:

  • Group Pack node letting you pack elements in a group horizontally or vertically with a set margin.
  • Group Distribute node letting you distribute elements in a group evenly horizontally or vertically.
  • Some graphical glitches in the preview view on high zoom on macOS 10.14.
  • Some bugs with preview display scale after exporting.
  • Some incorrect descriptions in the node reference.
  • Better feedback when value fields fail to parse expressions or parameter formulas.
  • Smoother opening/closing of the separate preview panel.
  • More improved node warning messages and warnings interface components.
  • Better handling of problems when loading corrupted/unsupported and legacy files.

Version 2.2.4:

  • The Grid repeater node now offers a grid height output socket in hex grid mode to make it easier to make seamless hex grids.
  • The Element list node now supports input of up to 20 different elements instead of 10.
  • Improvements to pasting/dragging graphics into the node graph.
  • Fixes a bug where multiple pasted/imported graphics with the same name could be replaced with the same graphic when loading a file.
  • Fixes some selection outline problems.
  • Fixes a bug where exporting with a transparent background could instead export a solid black background.

Version 2.2.3:

  • New Group Explode node - A new node that makes it easy to move elements in a group away from or towards the group pivot point
  • Better warnings UI - Improved inline interface for node warning messages and more warnings
  • Smart initial node values - Value and color nodes created by dragging from a parameter input socket now start out with the socket value
  • Fixed a bug with element nodes created by dragging from Artboard node sockets getting double connections
  • Added link to the lost code form in license code entry interface

Version 2.2.2:

  • Quicker node creation You can now add new nodes by simply draggin out a connection from any node socket and releasing.
  • Repeater nodes dynamic offsets (Repeat Transform, Grid and Radial) now work better with dynamic offset/scaling/rotation parameter values.
  • You can now zoom in the preview with trackpad pinch gestures.
  • Improvements to retaining node connections when changing node types.
  • Fixed some undo/redo bugs related to changing connections.
  • Fixed Artboard node set size preset menu shortcuts.
  • Fixed Artboard node background opacity not updating correctly with connected values.
  • Apple application notarization (New Apple security requirements).
  • Improvements to update checking.
  • Updates to sample files. (Available from the Help menu)

Version 2.2.0:

  • Improvements to adding and removing nodes on value or color connections.
  • Improvements to connection preview (right-click connections) for graphics connections and color connections.
  • You can now reuse the same random value by linking one parameter to a random value node, and then others to that parameter. A new sample file 'Reusing random values' showing this added.
  • The Group Arrange node can now be applied to selected elements only and move these to the front or back of the group.
  • In all change nodes apply to random selection now lets you offset this random selection.
  • Re-structured and cleaned up the preferences panel, removing some old redundant settings.
  • Updates to manual and sample files (Find them in the Help menu).
  • Fixes a bug with the Align node align group elements left and top.
  • Fixes a bug where math nodes converted from other value nodes would not work properly.
  • Fixes a bug where automatic spacing calculations would not update automatically when the artboard size was changed by a connected value node.
  • Fixes interface problems for macOS 10.14 users with dark mode.

Version 2.1.7:

  • Imported SVG image elments can now be used in Image mode as well as Path mode
  • Further improved SVG vector path importing
  • Updates to license entry and trial-mode interfaces
Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图-麦氪派
Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图-麦氪派
Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图-麦氪派
Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图-麦氪派
Patternodes Mac 破解版 创建基于重复的图形模式动画或插图-麦氪派

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