Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 – 标签设计打印软件

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[Orion Label Maker 在Mac App Store上售价人民币30元]

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 介绍

An all-in-one solution for designing and printing labels right from your Mac. ***Special Promotion @ 70% Off! (Regularly $14.99 US)

"...Downloaded it, played with it for about 5 minutes (did not refer to help - typical man!), and printed my first batch of draft labels. That was my last batch! They were perfect WYSIWYG, and positioned exactly as I expected on the paper. I would definitely recommend this app for label printing.Worth the money I paid..." - App Store Review

Intuitive drag and drop designer
Orion Label Maker provides you with a simple to use drag and drop design editor. Design with beautiful fonts, colors, custom photos, lines and shapes.

For mailing labels, address labels, shipping labels and many more!
Supports HUNDREDS of different label templates.

Multiple print options
Whether you're printing just a single label, partial sheets, full template sheets or batch generating personalized labels from Contacts, this app helps you get the job done, quickly and efficiently!

Simple and powerful
Simple and intuitive enough for new users to start using with zero learning curve. Packed with powerful features that will meet business and professional print shop needs.

Beautiful fonts and colors
Format your label however you want with true free form layout and support for multiple layers

Custom photos, shapes, lines and table grids
Drag and drop to add and resize photos, shapes, lines and table grids.

Exports to high resolution images
Print within the app or export high resolution designs for transfer to professional print shops.

Save and reuse
Fully independent desktop app, saves labels locally at your selected location. Reopen saved projects for easy editing and reprint at any time.

Fast search
Searches through saved labels to help you find the label you're looking for.

Integration with Contacts
Advanced integration with Contacts plus support for personalization tags
Allows you to design a single personalized label template and then automatically generate individual label designs for contacts selected from the address book.

Rotate Canvas
Supports printing labels in standard portrait as well as landscape mode

Print Offset
Allow you to specify any custom printing starting spot, so you can fully use any label sheets left over from previous printing sessions

Hundreds of templates
Hundreds of templates supported. If you happen to work with a unique template model that's not here, please let us know and we can always add it in for you.

To learn more, please visit support site at https://orion.aidaluu.com/

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 - 标签设计打印软件

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 - 标签设计打印软件

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 - 标签设计打印软件

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 - 标签设计打印软件

Orion Label Maker for Mac 3.10 破解版 - 标签设计打印软件

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