OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具

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OmniFocus 是一款IOS 和Mac平台上最强大的书籍与事务管理方法“Getting Things Done”工具,你可以有条理有逻辑的安排好你的工作和生活。主要协助您捕捉并管理各项事务与点子,发挥生产力;您可以用它来储存、管理及处理各项动作或任务,而任务或各项目可被指派到相关的专案中,同时OmniFocus也提供了视觉提示来提醒您下一步该执行的动作。

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OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 介绍

OmniFocus的开发概念是来自David Allen的书籍与事务管理方法“Getting Things Done”,主要协助您捕捉并管理各项事务与点子,发挥生产力;您可以用它来储存、管理及处理各项动作或任务,而任务或各项目可被指派到相关的专案中,同时OmniFocus也提供了视觉提示来提醒您下一步该执行的动作。



What's New in OmniFocus

Version 3.3.2:

Fixed crashes:
  • Choosing Organize > Add Inside with nothing selected in the outline
  • On save of an item via Quick Entry after undoing creation of a project
  • A sync-related crash
  • Fixed a hang when deleting an action
  • Fixed a problem that could result in an "Unrecognized date string for transaction" Error

Version 3.2.1:

  • A crash dragging an alias inside a note.
  • A crash in Review.
  • A crash related to computing project status.
  • A crash related to undo-ing project operations.
  • A crash when searching OmniFocus Help.
  • A problem where AppleScript allowed moving a tag within itself, resulting in a crash.
  • An extremely common-but hard to reproduce consistently-crash related to Undo.

Version 3.1.4:

  • Quick Entry Button - The Quick Entry button now behaves consistently across perspectives
  • Inbox - The new item toolbar button is now displayed in the Inbox
  • Inspector - Project Inspector now immediately displays changes to a project’s status
  • Tags - Restored ability to place tags On Hold
  • Outline View - Corrected alignment of Tags and Due Date column
  • Outline View - Tags now wrap to multiple lines when task is selected

Version 3.1.3:

  • Notes - Added a Simplify Style item to the Format menu that cleans up note formatting without clearing styles completely. Simplify Style preserves attachments, links, bold, italics, strikethrough, and underline, and discards the rest of your selection’s style information (including font size and color)
  • Notes - Improved handling of clipping and pasting rich text from other applications to avoid creating notes with unwanted black text, which made them illegible when using the OmniFocus Dark theme
  • Notes - If the text foreground color of a note is too dark (or too light) to read against the background color of the current theme, OmniFocus now displays the note in a more suitable color
  • Crash - Fixed a crash enabling and disabling columns in View Options
  • Crash - Fixed a crash related to Undo and Quick Entry
  • Crash - Fixed a crash when deleting a tag from the main window, then saving an action with that tag from Quick Entry
  • Crash - Fixed a regression where running a script which populated, then opened, Quick Entry could result in either data loss or a crash
  • Toolbar - Improved the appearance of the Focus toolbar button in the OmniFocus Dark theme
OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派(
OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派(
OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派(
OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派(
OmniFocus 3.3.2 Mac 破解版 最优秀的GTD效率工具-麦氪派(

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