Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 – 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

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Monodraw 是一款Mac上好玩的ASCII艺术编辑器,你可能经常在论坛上看见很多文字组合成的一些好玩的图形,有了Monodraw,你也可以快速的制作出这些文字图形,很简单,Monodraw 可以创建基于文本的艺术图,布局,流程图,以直观地表示算法,数据结构,二进制格式和更多的东西。因为这一切都只是文本,所以它可以很容易地嵌入在几乎任何地方,非常不错!

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Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 介绍



Monodraw allows you to easily create text-based art (like diagrams, layouts, flow charts) and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. Because it's all just text, it can be easily embedded almost anywhere.

* A picture is worth a thousand words. A diagram is probably worth twice as much. Enhance your technical documentation (code, specs) with easy to comprehend textual art. Visualisation of data structures, algorithms and data formats plays a crucial role in understanding. You will be reading the code more often than writing it, so why not make it much easier to grasp.

* Easily create text banners with just a single click. FIGlet is built into Monodraw and we bundle 148 fonts as standard (custom ones are supported, too). You can interactively resize the text box, change the font and adjust the alignment – no need for a terminal.

* Combine the simplicity of plain text with the power of mind mapping. Monodraw gives you the freedom to manage your textual data exactly the way you want. Move text around anywhere in the infinite canvas – no need to be constrained by the linear structure of a text file.

* Do you deal with databases? Then you know how useful entity-relationship diagrams can be. Visually describe your data model with a simple ER diagram. Monodraw supports Crow's Foot notation in three different variants to suit your personal preference.

* Monodraw is powered by a custom CoreText-based text engine giving you precise control over the layout. You can adjust the alignment, position, line sweep direction and line movement. Adding a border around your text is only a click away, too.

* The line tool makes connecting shapes as easy as pie. Orthogonal and staircase lines are supported with the ability to set a line dash pattern. Attachment points allow you to dynamically attach your lines to other shapes so that you don't have to re-arrange them each time you move things around.

* The rectangle tool can be used to create all kinds of boxes which are the most commonly used element in text art. Specify border or a background with just a few clicks. Oh, you can add shadows, too! Last but not least, custom attachment points will help you attach your lines at exactly the right place.

* The basic drawing tools that you would expect make their usual appearance. The Pencil, the Eraser and the Bucket Fill are all indispensable when it comes to producing textual art.


Version 1.2.2:

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Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 - 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 - 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 - 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 - 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

Monodraw for Mac 1.2.2 激活版 - 好玩的ASCII文字图形编辑器

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