MenuBar Stats Mac 破解版 值得尝试的Mac系统监控工具

系统增强 版本号:3.0

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MenuBar Stats Mac版是一款非常简单的系统状态监控软件,具备5个高级的模块(CPU,内存,网络,硬盘,电池),通知大多数模块,显示或隐藏菜单栏的模块,密切控制你的系统的健康,稳定且占用资源少。和之前介绍的软件iStat Menus for Mac ,功能基本一致,大家可以试试。

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MenuBar Stats 3.0 Mac 破解版 介绍

MenuBar Stats 3已经彻底改造。从头开始重新编写并准备好最新的macOS。MenuBar Stats 3由模块(CPU,磁盘,网络,蓝牙......)组成。您可以在菜单栏或/和通知中心中查看每个模块。每个模块可以组合在一个窗口中,也可以组合在一个单独的窗口中。您可以显示简明信息,或最多详细信息,包括图表,顶级流程等。获取有关电池健康状况或其他模块的通知。

MenuBar Stats

  • A quick view to your system health right in your menu bar.
  • 5 advanced modules (Cpu, Memory, Network, Disk, Battery).
  • Each modules can be in 1 combined window, or in their own separated window, for more detailed information.
  • Simply use drag & drop to reorder your modules right from the menu bar or from the window.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Notifications for most of the modules
  • Top processes monitoring.
  • Show or hide the modules in the menu bar.

Battery Module

  • Keep a close control on your battery health
  • Be informed with the notifications, when to charge or not your battery
  • And more…

Cpu Module

  • Optional graph in detailed view mode.
  • As for any module, show hide module name, gauge, text in the menu bar
  • 5 Top processes.
  • Threads, Load average,…
  • And more…

Memory Module

  • Memory Clean
  • Memory monitoring with traditional or memory pressure style
  • Optional graph in detailed view mode.
  • High number of options for the information displayed in the menu bar
  • 5 Top processes.
  • And more…

Disk Module

  • Eject Disk from MenuBar Stats.
  • Reveal the volume in Finder.
  • Get notified when your disk run out of storage space.
  • And more…

Network Module

  • A quick view in the menu bar on your throughput.
  • Detailed information on your interface.
  • Quickly copy your IP address and more.
  • And more…


  • Menu bar can be re-ordered by (shift) drag & drop while in combined mode.
  • Menu bar items can be customized with different type of gauge.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts to call your modules
  • Access all your modules from the menu bar or from the Dock.
  • Have the theme follow automatically the color of your menu bar.
  • Keep or not MenuBar Stats windows floating above your desktop.
  • And more …


  • [NEW] [CPU module] Multi Cores displayed. Physical, Logical…
  • [NEW] [ALL] VoiceOver, first third party System Monitor app with VO fully implemented.
  • [NEW] [Net module] Add “bits” metric to the network module.
  • [NEW] [Disk module] Disk Activity Graph.
  • [NEW] [Disk module] Disk Activity per disk.
  • [NEW] [Disk module] Disk Activity by Data or I/O.
  • [NEW] [CPU module] For old MacBook models with dual GPU (Integrated/Discrete). You can now get information about the current type of card used. Including Notifications.
  • [NEW] [Net module] Proper traffic display for values above TB/s.


  • [BUG FIXED] - MacBook without battery was leading to a crash.
  • [BUG FIXED] - Very rare case of network interface would crash the module.
  • [BUG FIXED] - The "Top 5 processes" display option from the CPU not saved properly.
  • [BUG FIXED] - Few other small bugs fixed and few improvement.
MenuBar Stats Mac 破解版 值得尝试的Mac系统监控工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
MenuBar Stats Mac 破解版 值得尝试的Mac系统监控工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)
MenuBar Stats Mac 破解版 值得尝试的Mac系统监控工具-麦氪派( | 爱情守望者)

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