Markly for Mac 1.8.2 破解版 – Photoshop素描扩展插件

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Markly for Mac 1.8.2 介绍

Markly is a measurement and design-spec plugin/extension for Photoshop and Sketch. It is made for modern Web designers and app front-end developers. You can add specification marks simply by clicking-and-dragging. Coordinates, dimensions, distance, or fonts, no matter what or where you want.

  • Super Easy and Fast - Without Markly, you have to spend time applying styles to each individual specification element. Even if you create a list of styles in your layer settings--styles which execute an intricate set of steps--you will soon find the design difficult to maintain.
  • Highly Maintainable - The efficiently organized measurements data are saved in the metadata of your file, ensuring high maintainability and portability.
  • Smart Measure - Mobile developers don't use pixels (px) as Web developers do. Markly can automatically convert those measurements based on differing screen densities.
  • Update Automatically - If you create specifications directly on your layers, once you modify your design, you have to modify the marks one-by-one according to the changes. You don't have to do this with Markly. Markly will update your specs automatically when you modify your design in Photoshop or Sketch.

Markly for Mac 1.8.2 破解版 - Photoshop素描扩展插件

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