MainMenu Pro for mac 是一款Mac系统清理专业工具,优化系统运行速度,改善系统性能。你可以根据你的经验对MainMenu Pro 进行方便的设置和控制。

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MainMenu Pro for Mac 3.5.2 介绍

MainMenu Pro ensures speedy and reliable performance from your Mac.

Optimize your experience with handy menu-bar controls:

  • Faster searching. Rebuild your Spotlight library for accelerated searching.
  • Improved application performance. Clean caches to keep your applications running smoothly.
  • Advanced customization. Repair permissions, disable your Dashboard, and more.


Version 3.5.2:

  • This update fixes a bug causing the "Turn on Screensaver" task to fail.
MainMenu Pro for Mac 3.5.2 激活版 – 专业清理工具-爱情守望者

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