Mail Pilot 3 Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端

邮件处理 版本号:3.37.4

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Mail Pilot 是一款Mac上的邮件客户端,界面简洁清新,以TO-DO-LIST面向任务的方式让我们高效率的处理邮件,让你将一些邮件放到TO DO LIST中,提醒你去处理这些邮件,在Mail Pilot中,除了收件箱Inbox外,还有Today、Set Aside、Upcoming等栏目,让你过滤出要处理的重要邮件,还能自动提醒你,非常的不错!

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Mail Pilot 3.37.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

Mail Pilot电子邮件客户端,它能够将电子邮箱里的收件夹变成一个待办事项清单(to-do list),让电子邮箱不再是只有简单的收发邮件的功能了。

自从 Sparrow 隐退江湖后,各类邮箱服务和应用如雨后春笋般出现在 App Store 上,说到他们的功能呢,都差不多,不过论价格还要数 Mail Pilot 最贵,但98人民币的价格另许多用户望而却步,为什么一款邮箱应用会卖得如此之贵?其实这还要从 Kickstarter 说起,当时 Mail Pilot还在 KS 上寻求筹资,对邮件采取 Todo 设计的创意在当时算是耳目一新,不过创意的生命周期会很短,他们很快就被抄袭了,紧接着就是 Mailbox、Boxer、Dispatch 等小而美的邮箱客户端腾空出世,产品上的优势立刻消失,唯有价格上的噱头还在吸引着用户的好奇心。

今年下半年 Mail Pilot 为了圈地,又开始了 Mac 客户端的开发计划,在12月初开始公测,大家可以在官方网站免费下载公测版,不过千万别对他要求太严,毕竟还处在 Beta 阶段,虽然在设计上不如 Airmail、Unibox精美,但 Todo、Reminder 等功能的使用体验还是圈内 Only One 的,传统的可折叠式三级菜单,左侧第一级分出:1. 邮箱账号、2.未完成邮件、3.已完成邮件、4.邮件收藏列表。

所有的邮件操作布局 都以“扁平化设计理念”处理,大部分按钮以“文字+ICON”的形式放置,非常好辨认,像:1. 将邮件设置成“已完成”状态、2. 写邮件、3. 回复/转发、4. 折叠邮件、5. 待处理(Set Aside)、6. 设置处理提醒(Set Reminder)都能够很轻松的找到,不像 Airmail 统统是成排的抽象 ICON。

What's New in Mail Pilot

Version 3.37.4:

  • Show and hide source list
  • Shiny new app icon
  • Newly redesigned onboarding (can be played anytime from the help menu)
  • Using the minimal layout with the action bar by default (you can switch back to the classic layout in preferences)
  • Added "tomorrow" as a filter query for setting a reminder from the action bar
  • Detects more automated messages
  • Crash related to loading an email with attachments
  • Memory leak in the web views
  • Issue where message list might flash while reloading
  • Issue where signatures would jump around the list

Version 3.0:

  • New System notifications - By default it’s going to be the "alert" style, allowing you to open or complete a message from the notification. You can change it to the temporary "banner" style in System Preferences. You can also disable them completely in Mail Pilot’s preferences.
  • New Preference to de-emphasize automated messages - It’s only getting the low-hanging fruit right now (hence why it’s labeled "beta" in preferences). Send me the .eml (or "show original" contents in gmail) for messages that it doesn’t catch and we’ll improve its training over the next few weeks!
  • New Is Automated - The "is automated" filter in Perspectives now works (same notes as above).
  • New Learn tab - In the source list, you'll now see a learn tab with some helpful resources.
  • New Desktop Images - Added desktop images to the website that you can download and use for your desktop, iPad, and iPhone!
  • Fixed Emoji in subject not always rendering correctly.
  • Fixed Special characters in folder names not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed Some messages not displaying in the thread view (when there was a return / new line in the subject).
  • Fixed Crash on launch for some users caused by a contacts library we were using. I removed the library and rewrote our contacts code to only use the system API.
  • Improved Badge count number accuracy
Mail Pilot 3 Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端-麦氪派
Mail Pilot 3 Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端-麦氪派
Mail Pilot 3 Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端-麦氪派
Mail Pilot 3 Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端-麦氪派

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