Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

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用思考的速度工作——不要再因为搜索、查找、转换、分享或翻译而减慢速度。MacUser 称其具有“革命性”并赋予 5/5 Mice。Mashable 评论到:“让您的整个 OS X 系统升级为一台无间隙工作机器”。

Liquid for Mac 14 介绍

  • MacUser: Revolutionary
  • TUAW: One of those utilities that you can’t live without once you start using it
  • BBC: So useful you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it
  • CNN: A great tool
  • Stephen Fry: Get used to it & you’re hooked

When you use Liquid, commands become so quick you’ll start flying through your information- you will work at the speed of thought, not at the speed of hunting for icons to click. Have a look at to see a video demonstration to learn more about how powerfully easy Liquid is to use.

Note: Click on the ‘gears’ icon on the right in Liquid | Flow to access the Preferences.

Customise Keyboard Shortcut:

To change the Keyboard Shortcut to the more convenient command-space (or anything else you prefer), open System Preferences, click on Keyboard, make sure you are in the Shortcuts tab, then, in the column on the left:

  1. Click on Spotlight and disable command-space
  2. Click on Services and scroll down to Liquid and double-click on the current Liquid shortcut, then set it to be command-space (or whatever you prefer).

Thank you and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or comments:

Frode Hegland

What’s New in Liquid 14

  • bug fixes

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具

Liquid for Mac 14 下载

Liquid for Mac 14 破解版 - 信息快速检索工具
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