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系统增强 版本号:9.4

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KeyCue for mac这是 Mac OS 平台上的一款快捷键辅助工具,他可以帮你记住那些繁琐的快捷键组合,当你需要的时候摁下 Command 键就会出现目前可以用的快捷键大全。使用非常的方便,只需要按住Command键不放它就出来了(也可以改成连按两下不放)。然后,你还可以让记忆那些你所需要的快捷键组合,或者在在它提供的款借鉴上直接点击使用。

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KeyCue 9.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

在Mac OS平台上,除非你用Windows键盘,不然你会发现快捷键使用远远比Windows频繁的多,使用这个软件你可以很方便的使用快捷键。

KeyCue一直是学习和记忆键盘快捷键的便捷工具。通过简单的击键或单击,KeyCue将显示一个包含所有可用键盘快捷键的表,系统级的热键,以及键盘大师、quickey和iKey的触发宏的键组合。但KeyCue 8.0包含了一系列新功能,将KeyCue带到了一个全新的高度。KeyCue只是一个菜单快捷查看器的日子已经一去不去了。

KeyCue 8提供了一种灵活的新方法来定义各种各样的触发器,这些触发器可以是修饰符击键和鼠标点击的组合。这些触发器可用于执行不同的操作,比如为选定的快捷方式打开键提示表,打开KeyCue设置窗口或其他操作。


  • 看到的。通过按下命令键,可以查看可用的键盘快捷键。
  • 做的。只需在找到适当的动作时输入所需的快捷方式。
  • 学习。通过记住重复的快捷方式或发现以前不为人知的行为,发展成为一个高效的用户。

What's New in KeyCue

Version 9.4:

  • Improved list of foreground and background processes in the diagnostics report.
  • Clarified explanation for beta tests when the final version may require a license update.
  • Diagnostics report now contains a list of recent activations.
  • The distribution disk image is now notarized and can be mounted on preview versions of macOS Catalina (beta 4 or newer).
  • Improved reliability of "package" detection in folder views.
  • Works around a problem with missing shortcuts in certain modes in Visual Studio Code.
  • Fixes a problem that sometimes caused "no shortcuts" messages in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
  • Fixes a problem with subfolder structures in folder views, where some items were not assigned to the correct group.

Version 9.3:

  • Internal cleanup of code that is no longer needed.
  • The diagnostics report is now a public feature in the About window.
  • Extended system information in contact messages and the diagnostics report.
  • Internal reorganization of localizations ensures compatibility with future versions of macOS.
  • KeyCue leaves URLs in URL collections exactly as written and no longer "escapes" special characters.
  • URLs in URL collections can be optionally enclosed in quote characters.
  • Improved handling of situations where a copy of KeyCue was already running when a new instance was launched.
  • Fixes a problem with incorrect placement of emoji symbols in rare situations.
  • Emoji characters are slightly larger and therefore easier to distinguish.
  • Fixes a problem with URLs that contain '#'.

Version 9.2:

  • KeyCue is now distributed as an Apple-notarized application.
  • Custom menu entries can now be added to specific submenus.
  • Fixes an invisible diagnostic field in the Settings window in dark mode.
  • Removes a confusing reference to an older version in the "New in KeyCue" window.
  • The KeyCue menu bar icon now uses the correct accent color when clicked.
  • The info line in contact mail contains information about the system language and dark mode.
  • Improved support for update checks in intermediate beta versions.
  • Internal improvements of the Keyboard Maestro interface.
  • Adds flag of the United Nations to the Emoji table.
  • Cleaned up unused 32-bit code in the built-in installer.
  • Troubleshooting function for resolving certain support cases.
  • Improved internal caching of shortcuts.
  • The URLs in the pre-installed URL collection now use secure connections to our server.
  • Improved calculation of Emoji metrics.
  • Improved visibility of the menu scanning progress in Dark Mode.
  • The menu bar icon's pull-down menu now has the correct appearance in Dark Mode.
  • Fixes a problem where the horizontal spacing of emoji symbols was too wide.
  • Works around a problem with temporary folders that caused installations and updates to fail in certain circumstances.
  • Works around a potential freeze in Luminar.
  • See the product page for further details.

Version 9.1:

  • New Emoji picker for quickly "typing" Emoji characters.
  • New folder view for quick activation of items in a folder.
  • KeyCue can omit known shortcuts, which have been used a number of times without help from KeyCue.
  • Supports Keyboard Maestro's USB device key triggers (requires Keyboard Maestro 8.2.1).
  • Smoother animation when selecting items.
  • Improved internal adjustment for fading the shortcut window in and out.
  • Updated versions of the built-in themes.
  • The search field now always remains visible if it contains a search string.
  • Improved tracking of the selection (also fixes a tracking issue on Mojave).
  • When a search is active, matching items are now always properly highlighted in all themes.
  • Screen updates are now faster while typing in the search field.
  • Fixes a confusing message in the preferences window when KeyCue has not yet checked for available updates.
  • Fixes internal inconsistency that resulted in incorrect modifiers displayed for certain custom shortcuts.
  • Works around an issue where KeyCue did not detect certain shortcuts in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Works around a problem with missing menu shortcuts in FileMaker Pro 17.
  • Works around a potential crash when KeyCue did not have the required Accessibility permissions.
  • Fixes a problem where the selection indicator sometimes remained visible when the shortcut table was dismissed.
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