Keyboard Maestro 是目前Mac OS平台上功能最为齐全的Mac键盘增强工具,它能将你的keyboard的作用发挥到极致,她能提供的服务不只是基础的Hot Keys,像应用程序快速操作菜单(Palette),程序切换窗口,宏命令同步,脚本执行,剪切板切换窗口这些功能才是人家的看家本领。

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Keyboard Maestro for Mac 8.0 介绍

Keyboard Maestro的所有功能都由Marco实现,你可以将不同类型的Marcos归为到一组Group,而Marco本身只是个组织形式,真正的高手还是背后的Trigger,Script和Action。Trigger的种类除了Hot Key,还有Typed String(输入字符)、Application(应用程序)、Login、System Wake等15种;除了使用Trigger,我们还能使用Apple Script,Python Script等5种脚本来触发Action;Action的可选方案就更多了,大约有近百种这个级别,下面我们分享一些非常具代表性的Marco。


使用KM来设置调用应用程序的Macro是我的首要需求,这里首先在Macros列表里新建一个Macro,然后点击“New Trigger”按钮,在Trigger列表里选择“Hot Key Trigger”,设置好热键后(例:⌘+c),点击“New Action”按钮,在Actions列表里找到“Open-Open a File,Folder or Application”,双击,将此Action添加进去,选择好“”,完成创建,这样在全局下使用⌘+c就能启动Chrome了。




这部分功能和大家熟知的Text Expander差不多,你可以利用Trigger触发设定好的任意类型文本内容,文本类型参考官方文档【传送门】


Keyboard Maestro的野心很大,支持的功能好像在业内都能找到钻营者,下面要说的窗口操纵功能的对手也很多,包括窗口缩放(百分比、像素),窗口移动,窗口居中,关闭,最小化等十余种动作都可以在这里找到。



还可以快速调用程序中要使用的菜单项,首先要在“Select menu in”里选好目标应用程序,然后填对Title和Item即可。


Version 8.0:
Note: Version 8.0 is a paid upgrade of $28 from previous versions. You can check your license status here.

Editor Improvements:
  • Added new Assistance system to help novices trouble shoot any early issues.
  • Large Text size support in editor lists (Macros, Groups, Library, etc).
  • Added Machine Learning system to By Name selectors.
  • Added dragging of macros/macro groups to action macro selector popup menus.
  • Added basic Touch Bar support.
  • Added Actions menu.
  • Added Run Macro menu and toolbar item to run the currently selected macro.
  • Added Engroup Actions (into a new Group, Macro, For Each, While, etc) (forum).
  • Added Degroup Actions.
  • Added Paste Replacing for actions (forum).
  • Added Select Macro by Name.
  • Added Insert Function by Name.
  • Added Insert Token by Name.
  • Added Insert Variable by Name.
  • Added File ➤ Share menu.
  • Added Import Macros Disabled menu command.
  • Adjusted Import Macros menu command to require the Option key.
  • Added Edit ➤ Insert Token ➤ Named Clipboard hierarchical menu.
  • Added lete% to the Insert Token menu.
  • Show an indiciator of the kind (token, variable, calculation) of each field in the editor.
  • Support negation (-) in the search fields (forum).
  • Default to last used variable when creating new actions.
  • Support changing Safari actions to/from Google Chrome actions.
  • Support styled text in comments.
  • Added an option to hide disabled macro groups.
  • Added wiki search to Help menu.
  • Added Make Alias for macros (and command-option dragging macros to groups).
  • Play Sound supports sounds in ~/Library/Sounds and ~/Sounds.
  • Click on macro group label (top right) to select the enclosing macro group.
  • Adjusted the disclosure behaviour of Execute Macro action.
  • Added Space, Escape, and Help to the Hot Key selection menu.
  • Added a disabled color to the action color menu to indicate the color means a matched search.
  • Added Copy as XML to copy macro groups, macros or actions as XML (forum).
  • Added View ➤ Select Groups Column menu item.
  • Added View ➤ Select Macros Column menu item.
  • Added View ➤ Edit Name menu item.
  • Added View ➤ Reveal Parent Group menu item.
  • Added View ➤ Last Used, Last Edited, Previous Edited, Next Edited menu items (forum).
  • Added Select Macro option to macro selector popup menu.
  • Added Philippe Martin's Multiple Clipboards to the Macro Library.
  • Added Rename Finder Files to the Macro Library.
  • Show a warning on "Press and Hold" actions that are the last action of the macro.
  • Show a warning when using Open File to open applications with the Default Application.
  • Show a warning when an Application trigger cannot fire because of the macro group's settings.
  • Show a warning when a For Each action does not use its variable.
  • Show a warning when a string containing test looks like it should be a string matching test.
  • Support pasting XML actions (forum).
  • Changed to a patterned color for the search matching indicator (forum).
  • Color invalid Calculation conditions (forum).
  • Adjusted the appearance of disabled actions to make them more clearly disabled (forum).
  • Support quitting the editor by closing the editor window.
  • When showing a mapping from an empty variable show italic "empty".
  • Show "No Forms Found" (etc) when Safari/Chrome popups cannot find any valid entries (forum).
  • Minor tweaks to the overall appearance.
  • Removed misleading "Matching" from Search & Replace "String" search.
  • Double clicking icon image wells opens and sets the Icon Chooser.
  • The Modifiers condition no longer allows setting a modifier to be both pressed and not pressed (forum).
Support dragging macros and macro groups into the macro action list:
  • No modifiers: Execute the Macro / Show the Macro Group
  • Option: insert a copy of the macro’s actions
  • Command-Shift: Enable the Macro / Macro Group
  • Option-Shift: Mark the Macro
Support dragging files in as macros or actions:
  • Applications as Activate Application action.
  • Scripts as the appropriate Execute Script action.
  • Other files as Open File actions.

Full Applescript Support In The Editor:

Macro Groups, Smart Groups, Macros, Triggers, Actions are all AppleScirpt OSA objects. Examples:
  • properties of smart group "Enabled"
  • make new smart group with properties {name:"Enabled", search strings:{"enabled:yes"}}
  • set search strings of smart group "Test2" to {"ABC", "DEF"}
  • set name of macro 1 to "Great!"
  • tell macro group "New Stuff" to make new macro
  • select action 1 through 3 of action 2 of macro "Working"
  • set enable of macro group "Turn Off" to false
  • set color of action 1 of macro "Bright" to "red"
  • set selection to global macro group
  • move first action of macro "Source Macro" to end of actions of macro "Dest Macro"
  • delete second action of macro "Target Macro"
  • duplicate every macro group whose name starts with "Test"
  • set m to duplicate action 1 of macro "Macro33" to after action 2 of macro "Macro32"
  • duplicate (selected macros) to macro group "Test4"
Revamp Clipboard History Switcher & Named Clipboard Switcher:
  • New combined appearance.
  • Additional information (source, type, size, pixel size, time, index).
  • Drag Reordering.
  • Drag from the switcher to image or text fields.
  • Contextual menu to Paste, Paste Plain, or Paste Image, Duplicate.
  • Contextual menu to just set the current clipboard without pasting.
  • Large Text size support in Clipboard Switchers.
  • Support excluding applications from the clipboard history.
Expanded MIDI Support:
  • Added MIDI Control Change trigger.
  • Added MIDI raw packet trigger (SysEx, HUI protocol, etc).
  • Support MIDI trigger recording when the text fields are focused in background.
  • Added Send MIDI raw packets so you can send any kind of MIDI packet.
  • Send MIDI action uses calculations so you can send varying notes and control changes.
  • Handle and split multiple MIDI packets received in a single system MIDI packet.
Added Local And Instance Variables:
  • Added the concept of Local Variables, local to the macro they are in.
  • Added the concept of Instance Variables, local to macro execution group they are in.
Added Dictionaries:
  • Added the concept of dictionaries, mapping (case insensitively) a dictionary name and key name to a value.
  • Added Set Dictionary Value action.
  • Added %Dictionary[Dict,Key]% text token.
  • Added collection of Dictionaries and Keys in a Dictionary.
  • Added full AppleScript support for accessing Dictionaries.
New Triggers:
  • Added Cron trigger.
  • Added Gesture triggers drawn with the trackpad or mouse.
  • Added Audio Output Changed triggers drawn with the trackpad or mouse.
  • Added Remote trigger via a Keyboard Maestro server.
  • Added Clipboard Filter trigger.
  • Added Audio Output Device Changed trigger.
  • Added Idle trigger (trigger after the Mac is idle for N minutes).
  • Added Export Trigger File which lets you trigger a macro by opening a file.
New Actions:
  • Added Show Palette of Macros action with (optional) Touch Bar action.
  • Added Get Touch Bar Selection action.
  • Added Prompt With List action (forum).
  • Added Get a URL action (including getting images) (forum).
  • Added Remote Trigger action.
  • Added Trigger Macros by Hot Key action.
  • Added Front Browser actions that work on the most front Safari or Chrome browser (forum).
  • Added stdin input for Execute a Shell Script action.
  • Send SMS/iMessage Action (forum).
  • Added Prompt For File/Folder action.
  • Added Continue Loop action (continues on to the next iteration).
  • Added Retry This Loop action (restarts the current iteration).
  • Added Assert action.
  • Added Split Path action to split a path into its component parts.
  • Added File as an input/output to many text actions.
  • Added File and Text as an input option to Lines In & Substrings In collections.
  • Added initial value to Trigger Macro by Name action.
  • Added option to restrict the macros in the Trigger Macro by Name action.
  • Added option to include inactive or disabled macros in Trigger Macro by Name action.
  • Added option to Play Sound action to play asynchronously (forum).
  • Added option to Alert action to play a sound (forum).
  • Added option to New Folder action to create intermediate folders.
  • Added asynchronous option to Custom HTML Prompt action.
  • Added resizable option to Custom HTML Prompt window.
  • Added non-floating option for Custom HTML Prompt window.
  • Added data-kmhandleschemes/KMHandleSchemes() to Custom HTML Prompt action.
  • Added Notify/Stop on Error to execute script actions.
  • Set tionResult% token to stderr for execute script actions.
  • Pass parameters to Trigger Macro by Name using search // parameter.
  • Support XPath in all the Web Browser actions.
  • Generalized Filter action inputs and outputs.
  • Generalized Search using Regular Expression action inputs and outputs.
  • Generalized Search and Replace action inputs and outputs.
  • Simulate Keystroke can send the key to a non-front application.
  • Insert Text by Typing can send the keys to a non-front application.
  • Support Search and Replace action processing the input for each replacement.
  • Added Full Screen test to Front Window condition.
  • Added title matches option to Manipulate Window action.
New Conditions:
  • Added , != numeric conditions.
  • Added "starts with" and "ends with" to string conditions.
  • Added "is before" and "is after" to string conditions that were missing them.
  • Added Action Result condition.
  • Added Mouse Button condition.
  • Added "is hidden" et al to the Application condition.
  • Added Trigger Clipboard and Named Clipboard options to the Clipboard condition.
New Collections:
  • Added collection of Variables.
  • Added collection of Dictionaries.
  • Added collection of Keys in a Dictionary.
  • Added sort order to the Folder Contents collection.
New Tokens:
  • Added %TriggerClipboard% token to return the text of the triggered clipboard.
  • Added %KeyboardLayout% token to return the current input source.
  • Added weekday option to %ICUDateTimePlus/Minus% tokens to find next occurrence of a specific day of the week.
  • Added %Hex2%, %Oct3%, c5%, %Bin8% tokens to convert calculations to other bases.
  • Added lculateFormat% token with selected or specified format.
  • Added %RandomUUID% token to generate a random Unique ID.
  • Added %AudioOutputDevice% token to return the currently selected Audio Output Device.
  • Support XPath in the %SafariField% (and other) tokens.
  • Added %FrontBrowserTitle%, %FrontBrowserURL%, etc tokens.
  • Added %FoundImage% token to return the results of the last attempt to find an image (forum).
  • Added %AlertButton%, %PromptButton%, %HTMLResult% tokens. Deprecated equivalent variables (forum).
New Functions:
  • Added PIXEL(Red|Green|Blue|Hue|Saturation|Brightness|White|Cyan|Magenta|Yellow|Black,x,y) color function.
  • Added context sensitive DPI(X|Y) and SOURCEDPI(X|Y) functions.
Engine Improvements:
  • Added preference to show Conflict Palettes in the Touch Bar.
  • Support text with percent characters in text functions in token fields.
  • Only require Shift-Option-Control click on status menu to cancel all macros.
  • Added Machine Learning system to Trigger Macro by Name selector.
  • Added options to macro groups to be always active and show a palette sometimes.
  • Variables used in calculations can themselves contain calculations that are implicitly evaluated.
  • Support == as a synonym for = in calculations.
  • Support negative array indices for access from end of an array (calculation or Variable token).
  • Support 0 array indices for count of the elements in an array (calculation or Variable token).
  • Support executing an array of actions from AppleScript "do script" commands.
  • Restore front application before executing kmtrigger: macros (forum).
  • Display Text window closes immediately if Return is hit once (forum).
  • Added an option to turn off notifications of macro groups being activated/deactivated (forum).
  • Adjusted Typed String triggers with "affects actions" option to only uppercase the first letter.
  • Added "Activate Clipboard Switcher" to the Paste status menu.
  • Periodically write the clipboard history to disk.
Minor Improvements And Changes:
  • Removed or renamed confusing use of "Default Clipboard".
  • Prefer %SystemClipboard% over the older %CurrentClipboard%.
  • Support Home/End in Trigger Macro By Name and Add Action windows.
  • Adjusted the Select Menu action to return a failed ActionResult if the menu item is disabled.
  • Turning on/off the iOS web server preference properly changes the Rendezvous publications.
  • Changing any web browser settings kills all existing connections.
  • Added "disabled" option to importMacros AppleScript command.
  • Default to importing macros disabled unless the Option key is held down.
  • Adjusted a case where a "for one action" palette opens a Conflict Palette.
  • Adjusted the iTunes Control AppleScripts.
  • Added "exit", "break", "loop" as search strings to various actions.
  • Added "ask", "input", "InputBox" as search strings to prompt actions.
  • Added the Keyboard Maestro version number to the Share text.
  • Resolved display of executing macros for asynchronously executed macros (forum).
  • Improved error message for File Action.
  • Fixed Fast User Switch action.
  • Disallow return characters in macro/group names.
  • Updated Share to Forum category names to match forum changes.
  • Removed Growl support.
  • Removed Always Hide Other Applications support.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed behaviour of Close After Action when you Command-V in the Clipboard Switcher.
  • Fixed Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard Device Key name display.
  • Fixed width issue with various scrolling lists.
  • Fixed a possible crash with Folder change triggers.
  • Fixed an issue compiling scripts that reference Keyboard Maestro itself.
  • Fixed an issue cropping images with non-nominal (72) DPIs (forum).
  • Fixed an issue composing on to images with non-nominal (72) DPIs (forum).
  • Fixed an issue if macros hold multiple semaphore locks.
  • Fixed an issue with Set Network Location and non-ASCII names.
  • Fixed a possible issue with columns resizing unexpectedly.
  • Fixed consistency of arrows for meaning left, right, width, height in actions (forum).
  • Fixed unlocalized display of Focused Window trigger in non-edit mode.
  • Fixed issue with number steppers and empty fields (forum).
  • Fixed inconsistent "Exit From Loop" menu name to "Break From Loop".
  • Fixed icon centering in Icon Chooser.
  • Fixed double clicking macro names to select the title field.
  • Fixed some cases where popup menus occluded text fields.
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