iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具

原生中文 版本号:5.2.8

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iA Writer提供了独特的“无干扰模式”,该模式隐藏了一切可能对写作造成干扰的界面元素,只留下一张白纸、一个键盘,以及右上角灰色的“小锁头”(这是 用来退出无干扰模式的),而且只高亮显示正在编辑的几行文字,其余的文字会淡化处理,想来也是为了最大程度的让写字者集中注意力于当前的文字。

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iA Writer 5.2.8 Mac 破解版 介绍

iA Writer提供了独特的“无干扰模式”,该模式隐藏了一切可能对写作造成干扰的界面元素,只留下一张白纸、一个键盘,以及右上角灰色的“小锁头”(这是 用来退出无干扰模式的),而且只高亮显示正在编辑的几行文字,其余的文字会淡化处理,想来也是为了最大程度的让写字者集中注意力于当前的文字。这个模式考 虑的非常周到,甚至禁用了手指点击移动光标的功能,我想这是为了避免不小心接触到屏幕而导致光标移动到错误的位置,这个想法我能理解,但实际使用中,还是 常常感到不便。

iA Writer Pro for Mac 是 iA Writer 的进化版,它有以下几个特征:

  • 专注写作,比如没有其他的复杂按钮,比如会高亮当前在写的句子,会自动隐去几行之前的文字。让文字工作者注意力集中在在写的东西上
  • Pro版本出来的模式功能,可以提供“阅读” “注释” 和 “写作”三个模式。看样子应该是和作家用户深度沟通过,知道作家们在写作的不同情境下的不同需求
  • Pro版本还有个功能叫做词性高亮——你可以选择高亮整个句子,高亮文章中所有的动词,或所有的形容词、副词、连词等等。我猜测这个功能是给作家润色的时候用的,是推还是敲呢?先把所有动词高亮出来再说!

iA Writer是一个专业的写作套件,它能让你完全控制你的笔记、草稿和编辑。



  • 自动标记在屏幕上显示文本——你的手停留在键盘上。
  • 语法控制引入了自然语言文本的语法标记。它包括英语、法语、德语、意大利语和西班牙语。专利申请中。
  • 将Markdown转换为Microsoft Word 2007 .docx,然后再返回。


  • 工作流状态
  • 定制的字体,精心设置为最优的可读性。
  • 应用内预览
  • 阅读时间,加上句子,单词和字符数。
  • 实时iCloud同步
  • 准备视网膜显示
  • 全屏

What's New in iA Writer

Version 5.2.7:

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 5.2.6:

  • This update adds sharing to Ghost and fixes a few small bugs.

Version 5.2.3:

  • This update fixes a few small bugs.
Version 5.2.1:

New Features:

  • New typeface in three flavors
    • Mono: Single character width, the classic
    • Duo: Two widths, freeing M and W
    • Quattro: Four widths, for a cleaner text image
  • Over 1,000 optical variations seamlessly adapt to provide the best writing experience in any environment
  • 14 text sizes in Editor and Preview
  • Many Chinese, Japanese, and Korean typography improvements, including emphasis dots
  • Bold, italic, and strikethrough commands are much more reliable and work inside words
  • High quality math equation typesetting in Preview using KaTeX

Library Locations:

  • Now support Desktop & Documents in iCloud
  • Can be added from anywhere in iCloud Drive

Fully-Featured Export to Microsoft Word:

  • Rebuilt from the ground up
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, Apple Pages, and Google Docs
  • Supports local images, footnotes, citations, page breaks, tables, math, headings, unordered lists, ordered lists, task lists, definition lists, blockquotes, bold, italic, CJK emphasis, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, links, horizontal rules, code

Other Improvements:

  • Added visible filename when switching between tabs with hidden title bar
  • Copy URL command to open files from menu in Library
  • Command-Click links in Editor
  • Use to exclude words from searches: -microsoft word
  • Inline code command
  • Typing suggestions can be enabled in Touch Bar
  • Korean and Russian localizations
  • Added help articles
  • Better hashtag detection
Version 5.1.2:


  • Write #tags to group files
  • Use in Quick Search and Smart Folders
  • All hashtags are shown in Organizer and Go menu
  • Hide hashtags from Preview and PDFs in Templates preferences
  • If you’re writing an article about a hashtag and want it to look like text, just put a backslash before the hash sign #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Smart Folders:

  • Filter your files using a variety of rules including text searches, file extensions, hashtags, parent and ancestor paths, absolute and relative dates
  • Use a custom sort order
  • Automatically sync across your devices
  • Get automatic keyboard shortcuts in Go menu

URL Commands:

  •  Updated commands to create and open documents
  • Added authenticated x-callback-url commands to read and write files
  • Manage URL commands in General preferences

Dark Mode on macOS 10.14:

  • Updated to match system look
  • System light and dark state is matched by default
  • Switch to manually managing state in General preferences

Free Candy:

  •  Added navigation controls to Library in full screen windows
  • Assign custom display names to Library Locations in Organizer
  • Rename Favorites in Organizer
  • Duplicate items in Library
  • Go > Enclosing Folder menu
  • Fixed an issue where images couldn’t be dragged to Editor from Safari, Photos, and other apps
  • Added STIX 2.0 fonts for math expressions in Preview
  • HTML tags are dimmed in Editor
  • Hide Favorites, Smart Folders, or Hashtags sections from Organizer and Go menu in Library preferences


  •  Improved library performance and reduced memory usage
  • SVG images are always displayed as pictures when used as content blocks
  • Code blocks are excluded from text stats
iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)
iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)
iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)
iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)
iA Writer Mac 破解版 简洁易用的文本写作工具-麦氪派(WaitsUn.com | 爱情守望者)

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