Hostbuddy Mac 破解版 Hosts文件管理工具

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Hostbuddy 2.2.4 Mac 破解版 介绍

Hostbuddy is the easiest way to manage and update the /etc/hosts file on your Mac. Add new entries and turn on and off existing ones with one click. It's perfect for switching between staging and production servers or just for testing out your new website before it goes live.

What it Does

  • Quickly add host entries without using the command line
  • Turn on/off host groups with one click
  • Won't overwrite your existing /etc/hosts file
  • Compatible with VirtualHostX
  • Automatically flushes your DNS cache


  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and above.
  • Compatiblie with Mac OS X 10.7 Server and above.

What's New in Hostbuddy

Version 2.2.4:

  • Hostbuddy is now notarized and ready for macOS Catalina

Version 2.2.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later

  • Like its sibling app VirtualHostX, Hostbuddy now keeps track of which hostfiles have changes. The sidebar on the left half of the main window will display your hostfiles in bold if they have unsaved changes. Also, the bottom bar of the window will give you a summary of how many total changes are pending.
  • The sidebar now adds a small cloud icon next to your hostfile name if it's a remote hostfile.
  • If you've told Hostbuddy to automatically check for remote hostfile updates when the app launches (a setting available in Preferences), the app will automatically check for updates every 30 minutes and notify you when there are updates using macOS Notification Center. The Hostbuddy notification has a convenient "Apply" button that will save the new changes if clicked.
  • A whole bunch of small bug fixes, a couple UI tweaks, and general cleanup as we prepare for Hostbuddy 3.0 due out later this year.

Version 2.0.6:

  • Hostbuddy can now optionally check the syntax of your host files before saving your changes

Version 2.0.3:

  • Just a few small bug fixes to keep things running smoothly on the latest version of Mojave
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