FSMonitor Mac 破解版 实用的文件系统监控工具

系统增强 版本号:1.1

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FSMonitor 是一款Mac上实用的文件系统监控工具,可以帮助我们监控Mac电脑上所有文件的改动记录:文件创建记录、文件修改记录、文件重命名记录、文件删除记录等,很好用!

[FSMonitor 在官网售价7.99美元]

FSMonitor 1.1 Mac 破解版 介绍

FSMonitor monitors all changes in the file system.


  • Track all changes to the file system, including file creation, deletion, change of content, renames, and change-of-attributes
  • Examine the changed files with any of the four provided display modes
  • Inspector to display the exact kind of change
  • Filter the list of changed files by path or event category
  • Reveal changed files in Finder or Terminal


Version 1.1.1

  • FSMonitor is now notarized by Apple.
  • Small visual fixes for dark mode.
  • Updated filter to ignore events from the macOS file icon system. It should now work correctly on macOS Catalina.

Version 1.0.7:

  • Improves compatibility with macOS 10.13 High Sierra
FSMonitor Mac 破解版 实用的文件系统监控工具-麦氪派
FSMonitor Mac 破解版 实用的文件系统监控工具-麦氪派
FSMonitor Mac 破解版 实用的文件系统监控工具-麦氪派

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