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FontLab VI for Mac是一款Mac上的字体编辑软件,FontLab VI for Mac可以自动计算字距和指标,还可以修改字体,字形和技术字体信息,也能在zip中打开BitFonter Photofont(PHF + PNG,+ SVG),Fontographer(FOG),Glyphs,Ikarus的任意一种。

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FontLab VI 7.0.0 Mac 破解版 介绍

使用FontLab(是FontLab Studio),您可以创建、打开、修改、绘制、空间、kern、提示和导出桌面、web、颜色和变量字体。它是一个全面的字体编辑器,但也支持与其他字体创建工具的数据交换,使它易于集成到您的现有工作流程中。FontLab带来了他们最好的经典应用,FontLab Studio和Fontographer,其中包括许多熟悉的键盘快捷键。但是他们重新考虑并精简了每一个功能。

FontLab VI还提供了突破性的新绘图工具和响应式轮廓操作,以使您的设计过程更简单、更高效,无论您是专家还是初学者。FontLab现在支持颜色和可变性,因此您可以探索这些新的可能性并扩展您的创造性范围。


  • Open and export:
    • OpenType-PS/CFF (OTF)
    • OpenType TT / TrueType (TTF)
    • Variable OpenType TT (TTF+gvar)
    • Color OpenType (TTF+SVG, +COLR, +CBDT, +sbix)
    • PostScript Type 1 (PFB/PFA)
    • Web fonts (WOFF2, WOFF, EOT)
    • FontLab (VFB, VFC, VFJ)
    • UFO
    • designSpace
  • Import only:
    • BitFonter Photofont (PHF+PNG, +SVG)
    • Fontographer (FOG)
    • Glyphs
    • Ikarus

and any of the above in ZIP files

What's New in FontLab

Version 6.1.3:

  • Note: VFC and VFJ files saved in FontLab 6.1.3 cannot be opened in FontLab VI 6.1.2 or in earlier versions.
  • Drawing and editing glyphs: move nodes or handles with cursor keys after dragging; add nodes, remove nodes, guides, components or kerning pairs using two mouse buttons; perform direct non-node segment editing with more precision; instantly scale and flip selections with Selection frame; easily make slanted glyph guides; automatically relocate the first node with Set Start Point; use the new Add Nodes action.
  • Elements: filter and remove elements in the Gallery panel; easily add new elements/components to a group; remove or reorder elements/components while in Font window; view Scoreboard coordinates when moving elements/components; copy appearance or element structure when filling a new layer with the content of another another font or master.
  • Metrics, auto layers and expressions: update linked metrics and auto layers live or on demand; turn auto layers on/off in all masters; enjoy more consistent anchors decomposition; easily edit glyphs from the Metrics window.
  • Classes and tags: import and export classes; control what happens when you add glyphs into a Kerning Class; use additional virtual tags.
  • Features and hinting: import features from multiple font formats; use tags and virtual tags in feature definitions; manually add horizontal ghost hints.
  • Sketchboard: save and restore text boxes.
  • Font formats: save backups in a subfolder; easily customize font export settings; use hyphens in glyph names; export single-stroke fonts for engraving; enjoy countless improvements in exporting instances, handling OpenType color fonts and UFO packages.
  • App updates: decide if you prefer to get stable or beta versions of FontLab VI.
  • Bug fixes: glyph drawing and editing, Tunni lines, Smart Corners, flattening of compound glyphs, Paste Special, the Mask layer, Element Guides, the Gallery panel, the Font Window, OpenType features, TrueType hinting, Undo, Python and font format support.

Version 6.1.1:

  • New: Alternative view in Glyph window
  • New: Glyph placeholders
  • User interface enhancements
  • Other improvements
  • Bug fixes

Version 6.1.0:

  • An all-new Font window Sidebar for better filtering of your glyph set
  • Components as a standards-compliant way to build glyphs from other glyphs
  • Improved Metrics expressions and new Nonspacing Components for much faster and easier glyph metrics linking
  • Display length or angle of handles and line segments as you draw
  • An enhanced Matchmaker tool, and a method to match kerning across masters
  • The Measurements panel and the Preview panel X-Ray view as novel "bird’s eye" views of your font
  • The Source panel, that exposes the technical structure of a glyph in human-readable text format
  • Custom Family names for individual instances
  • Customizable location of your user data, improvements in interpolation, layer merging, improvements in TrueType Hinting and OpenType feature editing
  • And a wealth of other large and small enhancements, as well as bug fixes
FontLab VI Mac 破解版 优秀的字体编辑工具-麦氪派

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